Review: Xbox’s new system definitely ONE to know about

The Xbox One S is now thinner than ever. An Xbox One controller by itself can cost anywhere from $20-$60.

Rachel Roemmich

Gaming is used to help get people’s minds off of everyday life and reality. There are more than 150 million people in the U.S. alone that play video games. Over the years, video games have become more popular with the newer consoles coming out. One of the most recent consoles to come out by Xbox was the Xbox One. Along with the Xbox One, there is also the Xbox One S.

I am lucky enough to have an Xbox One S, and so far it is an amazing console. I would recommend that all gamers purchase one. Some of the best features, in my opinion, are that you can play some of the old Xbox 360 games and also play Blu-ray movies on it. I think the Xbox One S is better than the PS4 because movies and games that can’t be played on the PS4 can be played on the Xbox One S. Yes, there are some games that are on the PS4 that aren’t on the Xbox, but I like the Xbox more than the PS4 or any Playstation device.

The Xbox One S console looks a lot better to me than any of the other Xbox and PS consoles. It has a very sleek, modern look to it with a white top and a thin black bottom. The new Xbox One controller is also better than any of the console controllers I have held. It is longer in the middle than the Xbox 360 controllers, and any Xbox One controller will work for the Xbox One S. There are many different stylish colorways for the controls, but the matching white and black controller that comes with the Xbox One S is probably my favorite colorway.

Without a Kinect sensor, the Xbox One costs $399, and with the sensor it is $499. I don’t think it is necessary to have the sensor because it is $100 more than one without it. Plus, there are very few games that require you to have the Xbox One Kinect sensor. Other games aren’t just restricted to the Xbox One, so if the Kinect sensor is required, you can play them on the Xbox 360 if you have one. If someone really wants a sensor and has $100 extra, then by all means they can purchase one, but I find them useless. Then again, it depends on what types of games the owner of the Xbox One prefers to play.

All in all, the Xbox One S is an amazing console, and I would definitely recommend everyone to have one. In my opinion it is better than any other gaming device.