Speech gains experience at home Early Bird competition

Senior Jackson Hardin recieves first place in Poetry. Nine students competed in Poetry at the Early Bird competition.

Neleigh Kovar

Every year David City High School Speech Coach Jarod Ockander hosts an Early Bird speech competition at DCHS. Nearby schools attend the event in hopes to go home with some first place awards. This year the Early Bird competition was held on Sat., Jan. 6

Currently, 21 students are involved in the DCHS speech team. Ockander and the students have been practicing since Dec. 13.

“We can be one of the top teams in the state if we stay dedicated to the process and commit to hard work. We return five State Champions (out of nine speech events),” Ockander stated.  

This year, Ockander had placing from last all the way to first. The placings are listed as follows:

Duet: Jackson Hardin and Will Heller 1st, Carter Ossian and Josh Escamilla 2nd, and Ebani Filbert and Neleigh Kovar 3rd; Entertainment:  Ebani Filbert 1st, Kristen Bell 3rd; Extemp: Carter Ossian 1st, Laurel Ockander 3rd; Inform: Bethany Tebbe 1st, Laurel Ockander 2nd, Macy Svoboda 4th; OID: Ashley Roemmich, Bethany Tebbe, Brooke Bell, Josh Escamilla, and Sarah Wolfenden 2nd, Bryanna McAuley, Jasmyne McDonald, Katie Belt, and Malcolm Maxwell 4th; Humorous: Will Heller 2nd, Bethany Tebbe 3rd, and Josh Escamilla 4th; Poetry: Jackson Hardin 1st, Neleigh Kovar 3rd; Serious: Jackson Hardin 1st, Carter Ossian 2nd; Persuasive: Laurel Ockander 2nd.

For the winning Novices, Katie Belt was top Novice in Informative; Bryanna McAuley was top Novice in Serious; Malcom Maxwell was 2nd Novice in Extemp; the OID was Top Novice;  Jasmyne McDonald 2nd Novice Humorous; and Maya Couch was 2nd Novice in Poetry.

The DCHS Speech team then went on to compete at Raymond Central on Sat., Jan. 13.