Review: The Greatest Showman highly rated in box office, highly rated by me


Courtesy Photo (Vogue Magazine)

Renee Backstrom

The Greatest Showman is based off the life story of P.T. Barnum who created the first “circus” out of nothing. The movie follows Barnum as he makes a living through triumphs and tribulations and shows the hard life of being labeled as a freak.

The movie shows Barnum extremely poor as a young boy. He then runs off and later marries a girl who gives up her rich lifestyle to be with him. Later fired from his job, Barnum takes a big gamble by buying a building for remarkable people, later becoming what we now call the circus today.

Some people may not enjoy or understand this movie because it is a musical. I, however, think that this movie being a musical makes it ten times better. Not only does the music add pizzazz, but the singing and the songs themselves are phenomenal. This is especially evident since the song “This is Me” won a Golden Globe award for Best Original Song.

Of course this Golden Globe Award Nominee for Best Motion Picture would consist of an all-star cast. Barnum is played by Hugh Jackman, who gives a spectacular performance not only with his singing, but with his acting as well. Of course, Jackman is a legend in not only the acting world for movies such as X-Men and The Wolverine, but he is also praised for his work in the musical movie Les Misérables.

Another major, but less-known, star in this film is Keala Settle. She plays the “Bearded Lady,” who is the powerhouse lead singer in most of the songs. Settle was the main singer in “This is Me,” helping the cast win the Golden Globe Award.

Probably the most appealing part for most teenage girls to watch the movie is that Zac Efron plays Mr. Barnum’s protégé. Efron and Zendaya Coleman, who plays a trapeze artist, setup a struggling love story between a “freak” and an established “normal” man. Sadly, after I watched the movie, I did some research and found out that these two characters were made up so people would be drawn to the love story. Let’s just say, it worked!

I highly suggest that everyone go and see this remarkable movie. Personally, this movie is one to see multiple times in theaters. It has singing, drama, and romance. What more do you really need? Do not just take my word for it, though; take a trip back in time and judge the movie for yourself.