Review: Apple continues to advance products

The iPhone 8+ is a very thin phone with no headphone jack. Luckily, when buying the phone, it comes with an adapter to plug headphones into.

Maya Couch

Apple is always amazing the world with their new phones, and every year a new version comes out, along with a plus size. This year, the iPhone 8 and 8+ are the newest phones released by Apple, and I got my lucky break on owning the phone. I’ve already owned the phone for a month now, and I can safely say I know how it works. I also can say that I love the phone. It has so many more advantages than disadvantages that every time I look at it compared to an older version, I feel very rich in the sense that two versions of the phone just one year apart can already have so many differences.

By comparison of just the previous iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 had some major upgrades. The new phone has a glass back for wireless charging, bigger screen size, better Siri recognition, and an improved camera. I’ve owned the new phone since October, so I’ve had my experiences with it already. I also feel qualified to finally answer the question: Is the phone really worth it? In my opinion, yes, it is.

First off, the phone had major upgrades since the previous version. With a newer camera, wider screen, thinner phone, glass backing, and the home button which is now a sensor, the phone has definitely changed. As a consumer, I enjoy the new aspects of the phone.

The features in the inside of the phone have changed too. The battery life lasts way longer than my old phone, and the Siri within the phone is able to respond to more questions I ask of it. The phone also responds to your finger better (scrolling through the phone is quicker so there is no lag), and the quick bar (swipe up from the home screen) now allows the users to add more features on it like screen recording and sticky notes. With all these new features, the phone has definitely improved from the previous iPhone 7.

But with all good things, there are some catches. Some of the features that are on the iPhone 8 + (the phone I have) do not carry over to the regular iPhone 8. One of the most noticable differences between the two is the camera. The iPhone 8 + has the better camera, while the regular iPhone 8 has the same camera as an iPhone 7. Both phones do have the glass backing, but the camera is one of the big changes, so the regular iPhone 8 has less features in that case. However, the regular phone still does have all the other features. Having the better camera on your phone also drives up the price of the phone. There is a $100 difference between the two phones if you pay in full. Otherwise it is a $4 difference for every month, through Verizon that is.

The iPhone 8 + is a very strong phone as I’ve dropped my phone from my pocket a couple of times, and to my knowledge it’s still all in one piece. According to the Apple website, the phone can last a 10 foot drop (with assistance from a case that is), and any screen protector on it can provide another 6 foot of protection. Apple also claims the glass is the strongest glass it has ever has, but according to tests done, the phone without a case or screen protector will break from a five foot drop. According to this data, I feel it would be a good idea to invest in a case.

Now as I said, there is a plus and a regular sized phone for the iPhone 8. My previous phone (an iPhone 6) was just a regular size, and it was easy to carry around and put in my pocket without worry of it falling out. Now that I have my new phone, this has become more of a challenge. I find that more often than not my phone will slide out of my pocket and onto the floor. Luckily, I’ve found ways to keep it from dropping out of my pocket like always wearing clothes with zippers and bringing a bag with me wherever I go.

The thing I love the most about the phone would have to be the glass backing. The main reason for the glass backing is for the new feature of wireless charging. I feel this feature is more user friendly because many times my old chargers would break, and then at that point the charger is useless. The only catch is the wireless pad does not come with the box; it is a separate feature.

My main problem with the new charging system, however, is that it is an added feature that is sold separately and isn’t cheap. I feel like Apple creates amazing things but puts them all in separate places just so you would have to buy more. In short, not all features can be unlocked unless the customer buys the add-ons. Personally, that is something I’m not willing to do.

When it comes down to whether or not the phone is worth buying, I say, yes it is. There are more advantages than disadvantages in this case. Everything the iPhone 8 can do is definitely worth its price. It’s also a great upgrade from previous phones because it will last the consumer a while before having to get a replacement. In the end, I feel that the iPhone 8 is a great investment, and it’s definitely worth it.