Collecting for a cause: Teddy Bear Drive at DCHS


Samantha Ladwig (Courtesy Photo)

(Left to Right) Junior Madisen Paulson, sophomore Madison Masek, and seniors Lauren Hoeft and Chaquoya Givens were active student FOR Club members responsible for setting up the Teddy Bear Drive. The team hopes the drive will continue to take place in upcoming years.

Olivia Couch, Co-Editor

It all started with the Friends of Rachel (FOR) presentation at David City High School for students to be inspired to help others. With a new FOR Club currently in place, students have now been set into doing what they can not only for those at DCHS but even further beyond. In this instance, the reach is toward the Children’s Hospital in Omaha. The idea for a teddy bear drive came from senior Jake Seibert.

“We [FOR Club members] were trying to come up with ideas to get the club started. We did some research and found a whole lot of ideas that would be really nice,” Seibert said. “Since it was getting close to Christmas, we decided to do a teddy bear drive to give the stuffed animals to sick kids at a Children’s Hospital to make their holiday a little better.”

Since October, the FOR Club has hung fliers, made announcements, and decorated a large, gift-wrapped box for the stuffed animals. The drive officially took place at the high school from October 11th to December 15th.

If Seibert was able to change one thing, he stated he would improve the advertisement. He further admits that even though flyers were posted throughout the town, fewer external donations were received than he would’ve liked.

“We do appreciate the time and effort that has gone into the Teddy Bear Drive,”Children’s Hospital Community Resource Specialist Robert Harding said. Harding also further expressed his appreciation to all the students thinking about those in the hospital.

On Sat., Dec. 16, FOR Club Sponsors Samantha Ladwig and Megan Lasiter took the collection of 66 stuffed animals to Children’s Hospital in Omaha to be delivered to the children on a different date.