Scout One-Act returns with State title after a long season of hard work, dedication


Allie Daro

The 2017-18 seniors (left to right, top to bottom): Hannah Farmer, Lauren Hoeft, Josh Escamilla, Jackson Hardin, Bethany Tebbe, William Heller, Jennifer Knopp, Chaquoya Givens, Isabel Small, Olivia Couch, Brooke Bell, Silvia Hernandez, Ciera Poulas, Sarah Wolfenden, and Jessica Knopp.

Renee Backstrom

After taking home the District title, the David City High School One-Act team kept the winning streak going by taking home the State One-Act first place trophy on Fri., Dec. 8. The team did so well at State that they went 1-1-1 earning them a perfect score.

Seniors Bethany Tebbe, William Heller, and Jackson Hardin were all nominated for best actress/actor by all three judges. After all the recognitions for being nominated, Hardin was named “The Best Actor in the State.”

“Receiving the best actor award was a huge cherry on top after an awesome One-Act season,” Hardin said. “I was extremely honored to receive it, but I could not have done it without the rest of my team. They were the true MVP’s that made me look good on stage, and it was only the cherry on top. It wasn’t the gorgeous ice cream sundae that was our State Title.”  

To start off the season, the One-Act team had tryouts on Mon., Sept. 18. After the tryouts, the cast list was announced, and the team immediately started practicing. They worked hard on learning all their lines, stage pictures, and facials.

“My favorite part of practice is the chance to grow as a team,” junior Ashley Roemmich. “I really also enjoyed being able to become closer with my One-Act ‘family’.”   

The One-Act team performed their play The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus for the first time in front of an audience at the Public Performance on Thurs., Nov. 9. This performance was well-attended and accompanied by a dessert auction put on by the Backpack Program.

“The first performance is always nerve-wracking because we’ve never performed it before,” senior Sarah Wolfenden said. “It went really well, but I didn’t really expect it not to. It was kind of sad because I knew it would be my last first performance. I was really happy to see all the people that came out to support us.”

On Sat., Nov. 11, the DCHS One-Act team traveled to Elkhorn South for their first competition of the season. The trip ended up being successful as the team took home the first place title.

“I felt like our performance wasn’t our strongest, but certainly helped us learn how to adjust to other stages, how to load set on and off stage somewhere besides home, and how to manage accidents or faults in our performance,” junior Laurel Ockander said. “We had positive comments from our judges and managed to win the best drama, but more importantly, we learned a lot about our team and our team dynamic.”  

Coming off that win, the team had one day to perfect their play even more before they traveled all the way to Superior for Conference on Tues., Nov. 14. Unfortunately the team did not come out victorious and took home second place going 1-2-10.

“I feel like Conference was extremely important,” senior Josh Escamilla said. “I honestly thought it would be easy and we would score another win. When the judge came in and give her opinion I felt discouraged because she mainly pointed me out, and I took the blame. My team supported me through it, and we worked harder than ever.”

After one day to reflect about Conference, the team had to perform at BCAC One-Act Festival held at Aquinas on Thurs., Nov. 16. This is a Butler County Showcase with all three schools. The Scout One-Act team performed last after Aquinas, who received runner-up at Districts, performed first with their play Little Shop of Horrors and East Butler with their play Dear Chuck.

“I enjoy BCAC because it is a time for the whole community to get together and recognize the talents of the youth,” senior Brooke Bell said. “It is always enjoyable to watch the others schools perform. We all have a great attitude and do a great job of supporting one another.”

In order to prepare for Districts, the team traveled to Wausa on Sat., Nov. 18 for a workshop day with other teams and coaches. At this workshop the team was judged by other coaches trying to help the team be the best it can be. The teams also there were, York (Class A State Runner-Up), Wausa (Class D-1 State Champions), and Hartington-Newcastle (Class C-2 State Champions).

“When we went to Wausa it didn’t feel stressful. I was relaxed and excited to see other performances,” Tebbe said. “It was intended to be a fun day where each of the teams gave positive feedback to the others. I received honest feedback as well as compliments that helped to build me up and comments that helped to form me as an actress.”

Taking into consideration the input that each coach gave, the team got right back to practice to prepare for Districts. With every practice giving all they had, the team then headed to Districts on Fri., Dec. 1. After a long day, the team took home the first place title along with a multitude of Outstanding Actor/Actress awards.

“Districts is always a huge landmark for our team because it is the deciding factor of whether we go to State or not, Heller said. “For the past few years, it has always kept us from going to State, but this year we pushed through and finally made it to State. I think we were all relieved after winning our district, but this meant that we couldn’t let our guard down because State would be just around the corner. We all worked together to make sure the play was as good as it could be by the time State came around.”

After winning State, the team held an Encore Performance for the public in case they hadn’t seen the show. After the performance, Ockander recognized all the seniors on the team. Ockander then handed out four awards. Heller and Wolfenden received the best supporting actor/actress awards. Hardin and Tebbe received the outstanding actor/actress awards.

“This group worked very diligently throughout the course of the season in practices,” Coach Jarod Ockander said. “Additionally, they continued to have high expectations of each other to improve. They proved themselves to be a championship team, and over the course of the year, championship young people. We will miss our seniors a great deal; the younger students will have to improve their ability to perform in order to have an opportunity to repeat next year.”