Shooting for the future


Neleigh Kovar

Junior Macy Svoboda passes the basketball to Jessica Knopp. The two girls show an example of working as a team.

Rachel Roemmich

There are 50 seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter of the championship. The Lady Scouts are down by three and have the ball. The trigger throws the ball in bounds for the point guard. The point guard runs down the court and throws it down to the right wing. The right wing quickly passes it to the post, which at that time she is wide open with no defender on her. She shoots, and it goes in. The ref suddenly blows his whistle for some suspicious pushing on the court. He runs to the middle where all of the other refs are standing. It takes a couple minutes before they announce what the call on the play is….

Every year athletes and people in extracurricular activities go to summer camps, devote many hours out of their day to do extra training, and pay money to better themselves at the activities they love to do.

Freshman Dylan Vodicka claims he benefited from going to sports camps over the summer. Vodicka is in football, wrestling, track, and baseball. Vodicka went to wrestling and a school football camp this past summer. He believes it is beneficial to go to the camps that require you to pay because they push athletes to work hard and get better.

“I haven’t ever been to a camp where you have to pay money to go to them, but I think it would be worth going to them to obtain experience,” freshman Clayton Harris said.

Harris is in cross country, track, wrestling, and soccer. He did not go to any camps this summer, but he does want to go to a camp in the upcoming summers to help him improve in his activities.

Some camps cost money and are far away form the athlete’s home, but according to Senior Bethany Tebbe there are also camps that don’t cost money and are close that are beneficial to go to.

Tebbe is involved in volleyball, was in basketball, and is a wrestling student manager. Tebbe went to mostly volleyball and some basketball camps in the summers. At these camps she learned team chemistry as well as preparing for different plays and what she needed to work on. Tebbe thinks she benefited from going to these camps by figuring out what she needed to work on during that sport’s season.

“Foul on defense number 16, two shots,” the ref said. Number 22, the Lady Scouts’ best free throw shooter, steps up to the free throw line. It is complete silence in the gym as number 22 gets ready to shoot. She bounces it twice, and then she shoots. The ball seems to move in slow motion, but as it gets closer to the hoop, it is evident it will go in. The crowd cheers when the ball goes in. It becomes quiet as the crowd waits to see if she will make her next shot. The ball goes through the hoop; the Lady Scouts win the championship.  

Students who love to do extracurricular activities go to summer camps during their off time, devote hours on end, and pay money to do the activities they love to do in order to improve their individual and team skills.