Column: Homework Completion Time: Helpful or insignificant?

Payton McMillin

Payton McMillin

David City High School introduced Homework Completion Time (HCT) to the 2017-18 school year and in some eyes, it has been a success. In others, HCT is an unfair ordeal.

HCT is typically seen as a consequence or an opportunity to finish late homework. A teacher usually assigns a student to the session if he or she has failed to complete an assignment issued the day before. HCT is held during lunch or during access.

Personally, I have never been admitted to HCT. But I have formed a standard opinion of the event. Looking at both the pros and cons, I find HCT useful to the average student. Typically, if he or she does not complete the assignment, they are given another chance to finish the assignment in a quiet environment with help from the teacher supervising.

“It is very useful; Valentine is willing to help students get work done. It’s pretty solitary to avoid distractions,” senior Josh Escamilla explained.

The life of a high school student is usually pretty hectic, therefore I have come to the conclusion that HCT is very helpful. In my own experience, I tend to forget things a lot. Keeping organized plays a huge role in surviving high school, and I see HCT as a way to give students a little cushion to fall upon if an assignment is forgotten. But there is still always that one student who doesn’t complete the assignment for the sole purpose of choosing not to do it.

Cons play a huge role in finalizing an opinion behind HCT. It is often used as a consequence to the student for not completing an assignment. Therefore, it is not a luxurious, laid back study hall for students to enjoy. The lunch provided during HCT is often explained as bland and repetitive as the students are served an average peanut butter and jelly sandwich and carrots. I find these complaints unnecessary for the reason being that the student should get their work done to avoid these downfalls.

“I think it is very unfair the students are limited to PB and J instead of getting equal lunch like everyone else,” senior Ciera Poulas said. “Even though we didn’t get our work done, we should still get a decent meal.”

HCT has been predicted to continue in future years for the fact to raise GPAs and give students the extra cushion.

“Unless we come up with something better, I don’t see any reason why we would stop doing this,” Principal Courtney Couch Said. “It doesn’t affect too many kids, but for the ones who are on there every day, I’m not sure they could pass their classes without HCT. Ideally, students would just do their homework, and we’d never need HCT again, but that’s simply not realistic. About 2% of our kids need HCT on any given day.”

According to Couch, 958 assignments have been assigned to students to complete during HCT, therefore, over 1,000 will be assigned by Christmas break. HCT, in my opinion, is an opportunity to keep students working and raising David City High School’s overall student GPA. I believe HCT should continue in future years.