Through Hell and high water: State-bound Scouts take District Champion title

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom) Carter Ossian, Sarah Wolfenden, Renee Backstrom, Jackson Hardin, and Bethany Tebbe all received Outstanding Actor awards at the District competition. In this scene, Faustus (Hardin) is being tempted by a few of the seven deadly sins: Lust (Backstrom), Envy (Ossian), and Pride (Wolfenden). The temptress, Helen, is portrayed by Tebbe.

Olivia Couch, Co-Editor

With a District Champion plaque in hand, the Scout One-Act team victoriously returned from the District competition that took place at Milford High School on Fri., Dec. 1.

With the One-Act season beginning in late September, the David City Scout actors and actresses have been working tirelessly to prepare for the District competition. Seeing both success, placing first at Elkhorn South, and bumps in the road, receiving a tenth place rating at the Conference meet, the Scouts were determined to end their season competing for a State Champion title.

“I felt like we were very prepared for District competition; we had practiced well and worked with a good sense of urgency,” Director Jarod Ockander said. “Our district was probably the toughest in the state; we had six teams who were either first or second in conference competition,”

The day began early, as the team departed from the school at 8 a.m. Friday morning. The first team to perform at the District competition was the opposing Aquinas Monarchs who reenacted the musical Little Shop of Horrors.

“After watching them [Aquinas] at the BCAC performance, I knew it was probably going to be between us and Aquinas at Districts,” senior Sarah Wolfenden said. “I was definitely more anxious after viewing their District performance, but it also gave me the motivation to perform my best.“

The time for the Scouts to perform was scheduled at 1:30 in the afternoon. After being adorned in the proper attire and prepped with makeup, the team ran a quick run-through of the play before taking the stage.

After the performance concluded, the team met in another room to receive feedback from the judges. Hands intertwined, the team patiently listened to each judge. Overall, the Scouts received highly optimistic reviews. As Ockander said: “It’s out of our hands now.”

Following the critique, Ockander addressed the team with a heartfelt message that left many in tears.

“I felt really good after critique, but also nervous. I knew that it could have potentially been my last performance ever, and that was really upsetting,” Wolfenden said. “After Ockander gave his little speech at the end, it was even tougher. To hear him say he was proud of us no matter what was very satisfying. Obviously we knew he’d be proud, and he didn’t necessarily have to say it, but it still felt nice to hear it. ”

The time ticked on until 4:30 arrived, and the time for the results came. Voices echoed across the theater in anxiousness until the coaches were called back to hear the results. From there, the nerves seemed to rise. After the coaches returned, best poker-faces on display, the “Outstanding Actor” awards were distributed.

Receiving the awards for the Scouts were as follows: seniors Jackson Hardin, Sarah Wolfenden, Brooke Bell, Renee Backstrom, Bethany Tebbe, Josh Escamilla, and Will Heller; juniors Carter Ossian and Ashley Roemmich; and sophomore Kirsten Bell.

Once the actors and actresses returned to their seats, the results were set to be given. The tension was high, as only the team placing first would advance to the State competition.

First to be announced was Bishop Neumann with third place. Next up, Aquinas Catholic received second, and finally, the Scouts were announced to claim their District Champion title.

“When I heard we won I was so speechless. I jumped out of my seat, I was crying, and I looked over at Jennifer and we hugged,” Wolfenden spoke. “It was so exciting to know that the season wasn’t over for us, and my One-Act career wasn’t over just yet. To know that all the hard work we’ve put in, not only this year but also the previous years, has paid off and we finally get our chance to show what we’re made of at State.”

The State competition is set to be held in Norfolk on Fri., Dec. 8 with the Scouts performing at 1:15. Following the competition, the Scouts will also host an encore performance at DCHS on Mon., Dec. 11 at 7:30 p.m.

“There will be some good teams there [at the State competition]. At the end of the day, we need to perform well; if we can do that, the results will speak for themselves,” Ockander said. “I’m proud of the team regardless of the outcome because they handled their business the right way. Being able to perform at State is something that we don’t take for granted, having lost to the State Champions at Districts the last four years. I am happy that this year’s group will get to perform at State and show the state the theater that we can produce.”