Foreign exchange student joins David City from Norway


Sidney Soukup

Senior Una Boe works on an assignment during class. Boe is going to be staying in Nebraska for the rest of the school year.

Sidney Soukup

Leaving your family to move halfway across the world and live in another country for almost a year can be a scary idea, but for senior Una Boe, it’s given her a chance to learn about life and living here in America.

A student interested in becoming a foreign exchange student applies to the EF High School Exchange Year program. Once accepted, the program finds the student a host family located around the United States. They then go through orientation and learn about the family they are going to be staying with for the next year.

While at orientation, Boe learned that she’d be living with Matthew and Sarah Fowler along with their three children, Noah, Mara, and Judah, here in David City. Her journey began as she started to adjust to life here in the U.S.

“It was kind of hard to adjust at first because I didn’t know anyone here besides my host family,” Boe said. “Starting softball helped me meet and get to know some new people.”

So far, Boe has adjusted well to how different school is here compared to her school back in Norway.

“Here, I have to call teachers using Mr. or Mrs. and then their last names, and in Norway we just called them by their first names and that’s really different for me,” Boe said.

Boe said she misses her friends and family back home. She especially misses living in her hometown of Oslo with a population of over 630,000 as compared to our small town of David City with a population of about 2,800, as of 2016.

“I miss taking a train downtown in the city to stay there for a little while,” Boe said.

Being a foreign exchange student through the EF exchange program has allowed Boe to learn and experience all of the aspects of American life and culture. Becoming a foreign exchange student has also allowed Boe to be involved in new and different activities than what she did back in Norway.

“I enjoyed playing softball because of the team spirit and the team bonding because in Norway we didn’t really have team sports, so we didn’t have that bond,” Boe said.

Boe is also involved in FCCLA and recently went to the National Cluster Meeting in Oklahoma where she learned more about what FCCLA is. As the year goes on, she looks forward to being involved in school activities. She plans on playing golf in the upcoming spring season.