Jamboree gives Scouts a preview for upcoming season

Juniors Nick Ruth and Luis Salazar both defend another player in a 2-3 defense. Ruth had 15 points on the night, and Salazar had 9.

Renee Backstrom

The David City High School girls and boys basketball teams scrimmaged against Palmyra on Mon., Nov. 20 . The girls won 51-14, and the boys lost 51-58.

“I thought that we played with a lot of energy, but it was focused energy at the task at hand,” Girls Head Basketball Coach Nathan Wall said. “We also shared the ball very well together. Lastly, I thought that our transition offense was incredible. I would like to see us do a better job of deny passes lanes better, not foul so much, and continue to make progress with our shooting as well.”

The scrimmage was designed to give teams a chance to compete against players from a different school. The win and points do not matter toward the season, and all proceeds from ticket sales went to the NSAA Hall of Fame.

“I enjoy of having a Jamboree game because it gives us a game-like look before we play a game that counts toward our records,” senior Colin Vandenberg said. “Honestly, the game went better than I think most people expected. We had a few too many turnovers, but we will fix that.”

Both boys and girls teams didn’t do anything to specifically prepare for the game. They were focusing more on practicing for the season as a whole.

“We came into practice ready to work, knowing we didn’t have much time to prepare before we had to play,” senior Chaquoya Givens said. “It really helped having more experience this year, so we knew what Coach Wall wanted us to accomplish during the game.”

The team’s first official game is against the Centennial Broncos at home on Thurs., Nov. 30.

“I’m most looking forward to seeing how much each individual, and therefore the team, can improve over the course of the season,” Boys Basketball Head Coach Cole Carraher said. “After losing three senior starters last year, this is a very different team. A few guys are being called upon to handle the ball more than ever, and a few are also being asked to step up into new roles of being better scorers, rebounders, etc. I am very optimistic about how much better we can get because of how hard these guys work in practices and in games.