Giving back one Thanksgiving bag at a time

Items like sweet potatoes and gravy packets are put inside the yellow bag. The bags were delivered to David City Elementary on Nov. 21.

Maya Couch

Thanksgiving bags are given out each year to families in need, and this year on Nov. 21, the students from David City Public Schools did that.

The students at David City High School handed in all their goods that had been collected over the last couple of weeks in order to give food to families for the Thanksgiving holiday. Items that were collected were canned pumpkin, canned corn/green beans, graham cracker pie crust, a meat voucher, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing mix, sweet potatoes, and gravy packets.

“We started doing the project around the same time we started doing the backpack program, so for six years we’ve been giving Thanksgiving bags,” Student Council Sponsor Amy Backstrom said.

At least 34 bags donated from the students at DCHS and David City Elementary were given to families in the community. Each bag was delivered to the elementary from the high school to give to the families in need.

I am humbled each and every day by the donations that come in, the community organizations and patrons that support the program, and the many caring people that help make this program a success,” Elementary Guidance Counselor Melissia Glodowski said.

All the bags were delivered to the people in the community that are eligible for them.

Many of the times, the bags get delivered to students within the school district.

“I am thankful for living in a town that works together to help others in need, especially during the holidays,” Glodowski said. “It’s great to give back.”