FOR Club shines a new light of positivity on DCHS


Hannah Farmer

Senior Jake Seibert writes a note of positivity to place on the goody bag. This is the FOR Club’s last week doing these goody bags.

Hannah Farmer

When has a little positivity ever hurt anyone?  The answer is never, so why don’t more people spread positivity?  David City High School is on the path of a more enlightening future with the help of students, teachers, and a little inspiration.  

Back in August, Cody Hodges came and spoke to students and staff about what inspired Rachel’s Challenge and how others can make a difference.  One of the tasks that was explained to start the journey of spreading positivity was to create the Friends of Rachel (FOR) Club for the school.  This club is to be mostly student-led with the help of a few sponsors, and that is exactly what students in the senior seminar class at DCHS did.  

When students in the senior seminar class were introduced to a whole list of different semester projects they could do for the class, one of them was launching the FOR Club.  However, the students wanted it to mean more than just another silly grade for the class and wanted the FOR Club to leave a bigger impact on the school.  

To do this, seniors Debbie White, Hannah Farmer, McKenna Murphy, Cassie Navrkal, Ciera Poulas, Matt Eilers, Renee Backstrom, Olivia Couch, Will Heller, Josh Escamilla, Lauren Hoeft, Chaquoya Givens, Jake Seibert, Riley Kirby, Jessica Knopp, and Silvia Hernandez all sat down and figured out a game plan.  

The students then reached out to two teachers, English Teacher Samantha Ladwig and Business Teacher Meagan Lasiter, and asked them to be sponsors.  From there, the first formal meeting was held on Wed., Oct. 25.  At the meeting, the club’s goals and future were discussed.

“By the end of this school year our goals are to: hold a successful Teddy Bear Drive, promote kindness in a variety of ways, and inspire more students to be involved in FOR Club,” Lasiter said.  “Our hope is that the kindness will not end with our students, but will continue to have a chain reaction.”  

The FOR Club’s current project entails positive goody bags. The goody bags include a positive or inspirational message and candy in a decorative bag.  Each week the goody bags are delivered to students from a certain grade level.

One receiver of the FOR Club’s goody bags was greatly impacted by it.  Freshman Mariah Cummings said the positive quote made her smile, and she clipped it on her bookbag.  She was happy someone thought about her.  

“With all the negative things going on in this world today, the least we can do is something so simple as being a kind person,” Hoeft said. “It can benefit everyone throughout the school and community by being a respectful and kind person.”  

For the holidays, the FOR Club is sponsoring a Teddy Bear Drive.  Donations of brand new teddy bears or any stuffed animals will be donated to the Children’s Hospital in Omaha.  The FOR Club will be accepting donations until Dec. 18.   

Anyone that was interested in becoming the kind and respectful person to help positively impact this negative world joined the chain reaction at the FOR Club’s most recent meeting on Wed., Nov. 15 during access.  

A total of 21 people were in attendance at the meeting.  The FOR Club members discussed their current Thanksgiving kindness project which includes a special “thank-you” note for individuals who have a thankless job throughout the community.  Also, a special Christmas kindness project is in store for the upcoming month.

The next meeting is pending for Wed., Dec. 13 during access in Ladwig’s classroom.  Everyone is welcome, including middle school students. It is never too late to join the chain reaction.