Extracurriculars, work, academics create hectic yet manageable schedule for DCHS senior


Jonah S.

Along with academics and school organizations, senior Jayme T. juggles basketball and a part-time job at Subway.

Jonah S.

Buried under books on week nights, filing through basketball drills after school, preparing sandwiches for patrons on the weekends. While juggling school organizations, sports and a job, senior Jayme T. finds a way to keep his contagious smile alive while trying to accomplish all of his goals.

Some students have a hard time playing a sport and getting homework done. For Jayme, it is easy. He has football, basketball, track, quiz bowl, Student Council, National Honor Society, One-Act, FCA , two college classes and a part-time job at Subway where he works 15-20 hours in a week. Luckily, he hasn’t just been able to handle it. He has been able to thrive under the pressure and demand of his busy schedule.

“I started doing extracurricular activities because I love being involved, and I thought it would be a great way to meet new people when I came to the school in seventh grade,” Jayme said. “I have really never had trouble balancing everything. It has actually helped me prepare for my future.”

This is the busiest time of the year for Jayme. He has One-Act practice or competitions nearly every day, quiz bowl practice and FCA meetings weekly, Student Council and National Honor Society once a month, and daily basketball practices after school. On top of all of that, he still has to manage his two college classes and maintain his grades.

“Once I have games for basketball season on Saturdays, I will have to either come [into Subway] earlier or later on Saturdays to make up the hours I missed or somehow get the hours back during the week,” Jayme said.

On average, Jayme said he gets six to seven hours of sleep each night. This might not seem like enough, but he said the highs outweigh the lows. He gets a regular paycheck, which helps pay for necessities related to his activities. In addition to paying for necessary things, he gets to have fun with the money he earns as well.

Jayme gains more than just money. He also develops skills that will help him once he graduates high school and heads to college and experiences the real world.

“Being involved in a lot of stuff and working helps teach me time management and responsibility. This will be useful when college comes around,” Jayme said. “It helps give me good social skills as well. I have to meet and talk to a lot of people in my job and activities; good social skills are never a bad thing.”

One thing Jayme said he has learned is to make sure you keep up on grades before getting involved in a lot of things.

“Make sure school comes first. If you start failing school, then you cannot really advance in your activities and then you might have to hold back on your job,” Jayme said. “Put school first, then get the big dollars like me.”