Red Ribbon Week promotes healthy lifestyle

Sophomore Madison Masek writes an inspiring saying on the sidewalk to help promote a healthy lifestyle. The elementary school also wrote on their sidewalks for Red Ribbon Week.

Allison Ramos

The Butler County Believes in Youth and Community (BBYC) organization, along with David City High School Stay-U group, sponsored Red Ribbon Week during the week of Oct. 23-27.

Every year Red Ribbon Week takes place during the third week in October as a campaign to raise awareness to not use tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, as well as risky behavior prevention. The Stay-U members at David City High School began making preparations and arrangements as the end of the month approached. Sponsor Amy Sander and co-presidents senior Renee Backstrom and junior Allie Daro, along with many other members, put effort into making Red Ribbon Week successful this year.

“I think Red Ribbon Week is a good way to promote a low-risk lifestyle by avoiding drugs and alcohol, and it’s a good way to get the younger kids involved and get the message across to them,” junior Allie Daro said.

Red Ribbon Week was not only held in the high school, but also at the elementary schools to get the message across and teach the risks to the younger children. This year arrangements were done for some Stay-U members to go and talk to the young students.

“Our goal as a group is to promote awareness and let other students know they aren’t alone in numbers when it comes to abstaining from alcohol and drugs,” Sander said. “We want others to see this group as ones making good, healthy choices.”

The members put magnets on lockers, put red ribbons on vehicles, chalked the sidewalks, handed out messages with candy, and wore red on Friday.

The elementary school did different things throughout the week. On Monday they wore red, on Tuesday they wore sweats or pajamas, on Wednesday was wear Scout colors and/or team gear, on Thursday was wear a hat, and on Friday gum was provided by the classroom teachers so they could chew it.

“I remember in elementary we would have dress up days during Red Ribbon Week like camo day, messy hair, and pajama day,” junior Evelyn Carreto said.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle to younger children and teaching them as they grow up benefits the students and teaches them of the risks. This year the BBYC  developed a social media network, and students were able to follow BBYC on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Students had the opportunity to win gift certificates throughout the week.

“In an ideal world, the third week in October would be a time for schools, parents, and community to come together and join their efforts to promote healthy and drug-free lifestyles,” Sander said. “It takes the efforts of all to see changes within a community. If members of STAY-U can change the thinking of a few students, then the time put into the activities is well worth it.”