Music students show talent at Fall Music Concert

Sophomore Kirsten Bell plays the piccolo in the marching band. The band received a superior rating at the Oxbow Marching Competition on Oct. 14.

Brittney Palik

David City Middle and High School music students performed for the community at their annual fall concert on Mon., Oct. 23.

Middle school and high school music students showed what they have been working on for months at the fall music concert. The students have been working daily on the songs they showcased at the concert with music teacher Joseph Brumm.

“Since the first day we started working and deciding on songs,” Brumm said.

The middle school band kicked off the concert by playing two songs: Coldwater creek and Kitchen Koncerto, in which some non-instrumental items were played. The high school marching band then showed their skills in a three song tribute to the Beatles, including I Want to Hold Your Hand, Let It Be, and Get Back.

“Our marching band is now, or will be becoming, our concert band this coming winter,” Brumm stated before the marching band began playing.

Following the band was the eighth grade chorus. The eighth grade music students sang one song, Pie Jesu, in Latin. They were followed by the seventh grade chorus, who sang two songs: Oh Shenandoah and I Bought me a Cat.

“I tried to find age appropriate and skill appropriate songs as I got to know the students, along with what the audience would like,” Brumm said in regards to choosing songs.

The last performance of the night was the high school choir. They also sang two songs: Kyrie and Wade in the Water.

“We’ve been working on the songs since the beginning of the year. The songs are okay, they’re challenging,” senior Renay Sanley said.

Music students are now starting to prepare for their Dec. 18 Holiday Concert.