Dinner’s On Us event helps lead students to a brighter future


Hannah Farmer

Seniors and parents work on creating FSA IDs for the FAFSA at the Dinner’s On Us event. This is the fourth year the school has offered this help to families.

Hannah Farmer

Seniors had the opportunity to score some free food and college help at the Dinner’s On Us event sponsored by EducationQuest held Mon., Oct. 23.

For weeks and weeks, David City High School Guidance Counselor Brenda Siffring worked hard to coordinate and plan this event accordingly with both the school and Education Quest’s schedule after the event got postponed the first time.   

The sole reason the Dinner’s On Us is held is to get parents the information they need to know to help guide seniors on the right track of what they need to be doing during senior year.  Although the purpose is to help the parents, they also offered student help with getting started on FAFSA forms and creating an FSA ID.

Four years ago the school was fortunate enough to receive a College Access Grant from EducationQuest to allow this Dinner’s On Us program to start.

“Our goal is to increase our college going rate from five years ago,” Siffring said.  “This grant pays for activities aimed at helping students get to college.”

The goal of the program seemed to be met at the event according to students.

“It helped me get started on my FAFSA, which I probably wouldn’t have known how to do it without that event,” senior Taylor Masek said.  “I thought it was good for me because I am not here during the time of senior seminar.”  

Unfortunately, this is the last year of funding, and the school cannot reapply for the grant for two years.

If you weren’t able to attend this meeting there is another Dinner’s On Us scheduled in November for assistance on the Susan Buffett Scholarship.