Zero-K recruitment day sparks interest among students

Seniors Tori Cooper and Will Heller show students what to do during the dry ice experiment. Students then saw what happened when dry ice and water reacted.

Neleigh Kovar

Zero-K students hosted a recruitment day for the eighth graders on Fri., Oct. 13 during access period.

Zero-K is a science club at David City Middle and High School. There are eight students currently involved in the club this school year. In Zero-K, any student is able to find an experiment that interests them and that they would like to perform. Though students have to be in ninth grade to sign up, it is an open club.

“I wanted to start Zero-K because science is always interesting to learn, and I wanted a hands-on science club, so I took over,” Librarian Ed Sieck stated.

Hoping to gather more students wanting to learn more about Zero-K, the students in the club created a recruitment day. Eighth grade students gathered in the new commons area and split into groups, with there being five groups total. The projects included dry ice, explosions, and melting aluminum.

“Not many students know about Zero-K, so today is the day to learn something new,” senior Zero-K Club President Josh Escamilla stated. “It will be nice to see some students light up while they watch as we perform experiments.”

Escamilla has been in Zero-K for four years and has been president for two of those years. He explained that he is very excited to see new students become members of the club.

“At first I had no idea what this club was, ” eighth grader Jerri Cudaback said. “But now I seem to love it and plan to be in it next year.”

As Cudaback patiently sat and watched the experiments begin, she loved the club more and more. She was anxious to ask questions at the end of every project.

“Whoever wants to join that are freshman and above, do it. We need you,” Sieck stated.