Superior rating gives Scout band a bright outlook

Sophomore Anthony Scribner and freshman Alex Rachow march to their next spot in the set. Both members play the trumpet.

Renee Backstrom

Receiving a superior, the DCHS marching band performed their last competition of the season in Springfield at the Oxbow Marching Competition on Sat., Oct. 14.

“Like all schools, DCHS band works hard and practices hard,” Band Director Joseph Brumm said. “I think what sets us apart from some other schools is our ability to listen and take criticism. When I or a judge mention something that needs to be fixed, our students know that it is honest feedback, and it is something to work on. Accepting criticism and finding ways to work on it is a skill that does not come easy, but I believe that is something we excel at.”

The band performed at 6:44 p.m. with a dark sky around them and a cold wind blowing right at their faces.

“It was challenging for sousaphone players and percussion due to the fact we have larger instruments that are more likely to move in the wind,” senior Bethany Tebbe said. “Personally it was hard for me to hit the cymbal on my drum, and my fingers were stiff from the cold. I feel we adjusted to the conditions very well! I am very proud of the younger marchers in band because they adapted and did excellent!”

They previously competed in the Columbus Marching Festival where they placed second in parade marching and received a excellent in field marching.

“After four years of marching, I am glad to have received a superior rating in my final competition,” senior Will Heller said. “We work for several hours each year learning and perfecting our show. It’s great seeing everyone working together to make something great.”

Brumm is new to the DCHS, but worked hard with the students this summer at band camp to make sure that their set would work for the members.

“I feel great for the students, especially for the seniors,” Brumm said. “All of the kids put in a lot of hard work, especially between our two competitions, and earned the superior rating. The seniors especially have spent four years working hard, and I am ecstatic that they were able to earn a superior rating in their final competition in high school.”

Throughout the rest of the year, the band will be found at numerous sporting events playing pep band music. They also have a fall, winter, and spring concerts for all to attend.

“Even though our marching season will be over, we will still be playing pep band at basketball and volleyball games,” Heller said. “We’ll also have plenty of concerts as well. I can’t wait to see what kind of music Mr. Brumm will have in store for us, not to mention all the different honor bands and clinics many of us will attend.”