FCCLA members learn valuable insights at conference

Senior Jennifer Knopp poses with the rest of the district officers. Knopp is the 2017-18 Vice President of Special Events.

Sidney Soukup

David City High School FCCLA Chapter members attended the District 5 meeting in Columbus at Central Community College on Thurs., Oct. 12.

About thirty-five FCCLA members, in both middle and high school, attended the conference where they competed in the poster contest and creed speaking, listened to keynote speakers, and learned valuable information by attending sessions.

“I learned a lot of different things about a bunch of topics like nutrition, cyberbullying, and suicide prevention,” senior Cole Martinez said.

Students listened to the keynote speakers, Mark and Joni Adler, talk about how serious  cyberbullying can be and how can it affect someone. They went on to talk about how they devastatingly lost their son to suicide as a result of cyberbullying.

“I enjoyed the presentation because it showed how such a prominent family seemed to have everything,” FCCLA Advisor Tonya Zegers said. “However, they lost their most precious gift over something we consider to be common practice.”

In addition to attending sessions, students competed in the poster contests as well as the creed speaking competition.

“I enjoyed getting to learn a lot of things and get to see my friends from other schools in our district,” Martinez said.