Eighth graders lead successful Veterans Day Program

National Guard member Patti Lee presents the American flag after it is folded 13 times symbolizing various virtues and beliefs of United States soldiers and veterans.

Allegra H.

Courage. Selfless. Hero. These descriptions were stated repeatedly in reference to veterans by David City High School students, middle school students and faculty at the annual Veterans Day Program held on Nov. 11 in the DCHS activity center. The program was led by the eighth graders of David City Middle School and guided by middle school social studies teacher Lisa Bales.

The program began with a welcome to all of the veterans in attendance by senior class president Ben D. From there, the DCMS eighth grade students took over, announcing different parts of the program and presenting their Veterans Day videos with the assistance of Bales and Computer Technician Adam Ebbeka.

“They completely planned the student-made video, filmed it, and edited it with Mr. Ebbeka’s guidance,” Bales said. “As always, I was very proud of my eighth graders.”

Adding a musical aspect to the program, the DCHS band played the national anthem as well as a military salute for each branch of the armed services. The DCHS choir also performed the song “Blowin’ in the Wind/America” by Bob Dylan, arranged by Len Thomas, showing their patriotism through song.

Virginia Rerucha, representing the Veterans of Foreign Wars, explained why it is important to honor our veterans, and Ann Sabata, representing the Women’s Auxiliary, read a poem about who a veteran is. Jean Hansen, also representing the Women’s Auxiliary, gave an explanation of the symbolism behind the 13 folds of an American flag that is given to the family of a past or present military member after he or she has passed away.

The program closed with the remembrance of those veterans and soldiers passed with a salute to fallen soldiers. Senior Megan F. and junior Sabra M. played “Taps” for this salute. Due to frigid weather conditions, the salute was held indoors.

The Veterans Day Program provided students with an opportunity to celebrate local veterans as well as veterans around the nation. It served as a reminder of the importance of our veterans and was received well by the student body.

“I felt that the Veterans Day program was very good. It really showed the patriotism in our crowd and it showed what our veterans mean to the student body,” junior Mack F. said. “I think it is a very good idea that the younger kids set up the program. It helps them to understand how important our veterans are to us and our country.”