Fields of Faith: We play as one

Freshmen Clayton Harris and Alex Rachow talk about their experience at the FCA summer camp. They spoke about the new friendships they made and how this camp helped them find a peace with God.

Maya Couch

Fields of Faith was hosted by the David City Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at the David City Auditorium on Wed., Oct. 11.             

The night kicked off with an introduction from freshman Dylan Vodickia, where he prayed  the event would go well and all attendees would have a good night. Following the opening prayer, sophomore Spencer Allen introduced the crowd to Fields of Faith’s history. From there on, the night continued with songs and speeches.

“Fields of Faith is a way of giving FCA visibility in the community,” FCA Sponsor Kevin Behrens said. ”It’s a way to encourage students and anyone who attends to make reading God’s word a big part of their life.”

Kevin Behrens has been a part of the FCA community since 1988. Ever since he has been a teacher at David City High School, he has been a part of Fields of Faith.

“It has helped me grow in my faith and held me accountable and given me and my family a group to identify with and be apart of,” Kevin Behrens explained.

As FCA helped him, it has also helped many others. Other sponsors for the David City FCA are Teri Messerer, Lyne Rerucha, and Alice Jane Behrens. When asked what Fields of Faith means to them, they all agreed that it is a place of oneness and a great place to be if you are a new member. They also added that Fields of Faith gives you a sense that if people who believe in the same things as you do, it can give you strength and courage.

“Seeing high schoolers come in a room and take a stand for their faith is super impactful. Just take that stand,” UNL track and field athlete Ashleigh Carr said when asked about what FCA means to her. “It’s only been my second time speaking at Fields of Faith, but all these events are important. I feel it’s bigger than church. Going to these events is a way to take a break from school, sports, and life.”

Carr was one of the main speakers in the event. She covered many topics about how it’s hard to put your faith in people as they will let you down and how it’s just easier to rely on God than people. She covered topics over the gospel, making it easy for new members to understand by breaking it down. The main take-aways she left the audience with are go to FCA camps, get plugged in to Jesus Christ, and lean on Christ sooner rather than later.

“Fields of Faith just really challenged me to be more a part of things as a Christian and see God working within our lives,” UNL competitive swimmer Lindsey Helferich said.

Helferich was the other main speaker for the night. Her story with God became strong when she developed a breathing problem that doctors are still curious about.

“None of us are strong enough to be without God,” Helferich said. “ Rely on someone outside of yourself.”

Helferich left the audience with the scripture Matthew 28:20: And surely I am with you always to the very end of age. She also pointed out that peace is not in circumstance; it’s found in the one who helps you.

“The world may let you down, but God never will,” Helferich said.