Students display school spirit during Homecoming week

Junior cheerleader Josie Cudaback and junior football player Colby Hopkins model their wacky outfits for Twister Tuesday. This is Cudaback’s first year on the cheer team.

Bryanna Farmer

One of the most festive times of the school year is the week leading up to the Homecoming football game and dance. Students and staff show school spirit through dress up days, pep rallies, activities, and a school dance. The cheerleaders and dancers take their time decorating the school, getting donations for prizes, planning dress-up days and games, choreographing dances, and decorating for the dance.

To kickoff the 2017-18 David City High School Homecoming, the DCHS staff and students assembled in the gym on Fri., Sept. 8 for a pep rally. Starting off the pep rally was a fashion show filled with do’s and dont’s for the dress up days for the coming week. Models in the fashion show consisted of DCHS cheerleaders, dancers, and football players.

Following the fashion show were short speeches from coaches about their upcoming games and the announcement of the 2017-18 Homecoming candidates. Head Principal Cortney Couch revealed the first homecoming candidate by eating a chocolate lollipop with a paper inside of it. Each lollipop revealed one candidate. This year’s candidates included seniors Olivia Couch, Lauren Hoeft, Bethany Tebbe, Brooke Bell, Renee Backstrom, Colin Vandenberg, Riley Kirby, Will Heller, Jackson Hardin, and Cole Martinez. The announcement of the candidates was followed by a game for the Homecoming royalty court to participate in.

“It’s great to see the whole school showing their pride. That’s why my favorite part of the week is the pep rally. The whole crowd is cheering and excited for the activities, the football game, and the dance later that night. The atmosphere is uplifting, and it feels great to be around so many cheerful people,” Heller said.

Homecoming week began with a dress-up day titled “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, or class color day, on Mon., Sept. 11. Following class color day was “Twister Tuesday” where students and staff dressed “wacky”. Wednesday’s dress up day was “Which Witch is Which?”, also known as twin day. The theme for Thursday’s dress up day was “Lions, Tigers, and Bears-Oh my!”. On this day, staff and students dressed as their best animal. Friday’s dress up day was “There’s No Place Like HOME-coming”, otherwise known as Spirit Day. Everyone dressed in red, black, and white to show school spirit.

During access on each day, the participants had a chance to take a group photo, be entered in a raffle, and be judged on their costumes. The winners for the raffle and the best costumes were announced at the outdoor pep rally on Fri., Sept. 15.

“Seeing the different outfits on dress-up days is by far my favorite part about Homecoming week,” Cheer Coach Meagan Lasiter said.

DCHS ended Homecoming week with the football game against Wayne followed by coronation of Homecoming King and Queen and the dance. This year’s Homecoming King is Colin Vandenberg and Queen is Lauren Hoeft.