David City students make hometown proud at State Fair

Payton McMillin

Select David City students spent all year preparing for competitions at the State level, and all their hard work finally paid off at the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island Aug. 25 – Sept. 4. 

Preparation for the State Fair teaches students hard work, responsibility, and a wide variety of life skills. Livestock and sxhibit showers work all year to perfect their skills and learn necessary values that would have never been introduced if it wasn’t for events like these.

“It’s not necessarily showing at the State Fair that helps me, it’s preparing for it. I’ve learned a lot about responsibility, hard work, agriculture, and many other necessary values I wouldn’t have learned if I didn’t show,” junior Laurel Ockander said.

The Annual Nebraska State Fair is held to focus on Nebraska families, education, diversity, fun, and heritage. This year, the State Fair celebrated the 150th year birthday of Nebraska.

The following David City students traveled to Grand Island to exhibit in the annual event: senior Cole Martinez (Photography); juniors Laurel Ockander (Livestock), Riley Hlavac (Baking, Woodworking, Gardening); sophomores Kirsten Bell (Livestock), Brittney Palik (Heirlooms, Children Activity, Art, Heritage); eighth graders Kennen Robinson (Taxidermy), Lydia Ockander (Livestock), Jordan Palik (Shooting); seventh grader Carly Schmid (Cooking); sixth grader Kaitlyn Palik (Heritage); and fifth grader Parker Robinson (Computer Application)

Award winners include:

4-H Livestock:

Kirsten Bell- Purple (Market Sheep Natural Color, Sr. Sheep Showmanship)

8th Lydia Ockander- Purple (Intermediate Sheep Showmanship, Suffolk Market Lamb)

Laurel Ockander- Blue (Market Sheep Cross Bred Lambs)


Static Exhibits

8th Kennen Robinson- Red (Tanned Hides/Taxidermy)

5th Parker Robinson- Purple (Computer Application)

7th Carly Schmid- Blue (Dinner Rolls)

6th Kaitlyn Palik- Purple (Heritage Exhibit)

8th Jordan Palik- White (Shooting Sports Aid or Accessory)

Brittney Palik- Purple (Heritage Framed Exhibit); Blue (Heirloom Treasures); Red- (Activity with a Younger Child); Green (Home Environment Painted Picture)

Cole Martinez- Purple (Photography Lighting Display) Photography Special Selection- CASNR Display (Ferris Wheel at Night)

Riley Hlavac- Purple (Creative Mixes, Unique Baked Product); Blue (Woodworking Coat Rack, Entomology, Special Garden Project)

State fair is the time to grow and learn as a state as well as a community.

“I enjoyed spending time with friends that I don’t get to see often and being surrounded by lots of people who work hard in agriculture through their projects,” Ockander said.

The 2018 Nebraska State Fair will be held Aug 24. – Sept. 3, giving exhibitors plenty of time for preparation.