Scouts showcase small feats against Eagles

Olivia Couch, Co-Editor

The Scouts took off to the opposing Milford Eagles’s territory on Fri., Sept. 8 for a learning football experience that ended with the Scouts falling short with a final score of 34-7.

Not long into the first quarter, the Eagles took control of the game by scoring the first touchdown. However, the Scouts worked to shut them down and kept the score 7-0 at the end of those first 16 minutes.

Jumping into second quarter, junior Luis Salazar received a 20-yard pass from classmate Will Danielson for the first Scout touchdown. The extra point kicked by senior Colin Vandenberg was also good and brought the score to 7-7.

However, the Eagles refused to back down, and by the end of the first half the score was 20-7.

“I notice that we’re improving. The week of preparation leading up to the Milford game was our best week of practice this year, which is saying something, because we’ve practiced well all year. I see more guys in position to make plays,” Head Coach Cortney Couch said. “I think our focus going forward simply has to be to finish the play. For example, we’ve got guys in place to make a tackle, now we have to finish the play and make that tackle.”

The second half included many elaborate plays including a fake punt by the Scouts that lead to a first down from 16 yards away. Along with these plays came a few blocks on Milford’s attempted field goal by Salazar. Salazar was also slightly injured during the third quarter, but he managed to finish out the game.

“Practices are what I look forward to. The way our new coach runs practices makes it a lot more enjoyable than last season in my opinion,” Salazar said. “During the season I just hope to get a lot closer with my team; more than I already am.”

By the time the clock ran down, the final score was 34-7. However, the Scouts are looking up. Vandenberg stated on Sun., Sept. 9 at the school’s bonfire that they were disappointed in the loss, but the quality of their practices are on the rise. Because of this, the Scouts still have high hopes for the remainder of the season.

The Scouts will be playing Wayne this upcoming Fri., Sept. 15 on their home turf for the Homecoming game.