Little kids F-I-R-E UP crowd with dance moves

The little Scouts, cheerleaders, and dancers end the show with one last cheer. There were a total of 88 kids who participated in the camp.

Hannah Farmer

The Little Kids’ Cheer and Dance Camp was back again, and they “Can’t Stop the Feeling” they were feeling last week.

The camp was held from Mon., Aug. 28 through Thurs., Aug. 31 for interested elementary students. They practiced cheers and dances to perform at the football game that was on Fri., Sept. 1.   

“I’m very excited to see all of the student’s smiling faces,”  Dance Coach Bergen Carraher said.  “I’m also excited about getting the chance to spread school spirit to students at the elementary.  There is a lot that we do at the high school to promote Scout Pride, so this is a great opportunity to share that same school spirit with the younger kids in our school system.”  

This year the camp’s theme was based off the movie Trolls.  The boys and girls learned a dance to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from the movie’s soundtrack.  The dance was choreographed by senior Renee Backstrom and junior Macy Svoboda.  The kids also learned several cheers throughout the week.

The kids weren’t the only ones pumped for camp last week.  Current cheerleaders and dancers got into the spirit also.  

“I’m the most excited about teaching the dance for the camp.  My favorite cheer is F-I-R-E UP because the little kids love doing it and it definitely gets them pumped up,”  junior Kali Egr said.

Sophomore Brittney Palik was also thrilled to see all the kids and be able to teach them the cheers.  She believed the camp was a great opportunity to get the kids interested in dance and cheer and hopefully gets them thinking about possibly trying it out in high school.

On Friday, all the little boys and girls gathered to cheer on the Scout football team and dance at the halftime show.  Even with the unexpected downpour, nothing could stop the spirit coming from the kids.