DCPS teams up to advocate drug-free lifestyles

Photo by Kasey S.
Barb Svoboda’s kindergarten class “puts a cap on drugs” to show they are drug free.

Kasey S.

The blow of a red ribbon in the wind or the discovery of a Dum-Dum sucker on your windshield were subtle reminders during Red Ribbon Week to live a drug-free life.

The students of David City Public Schools participated in Red Ribbon Week which spanned from Oct. 27-Oct. 31. Red Ribbon Week is celebrated annually to raise awareness of the importance of living a drug-free life. It provides students with knowledge of the risks of using alcohol, tobacco, and other stimulants. The week also focuses on violence prevention, early intervention, and treatment services.

In addition to the red ribbons and suckers that were placed on cars, announcements were also read every morning regarding drug prevention and statistics.

“If the group can change one person’s life choices about using drugs, then our efforts are successful,” STAY-U sponsor Amy Sander said. “Our group is to serve as role models for others as well as being available for students to go to if they need someone to talk to.”

David City Elementary School students also took part in the week by dressing up on Thursday, Oct. 30. Each grade was assigned a different wardrobe theme for the day.

Kindergarten: Put a Cap On Drugs (wear a hat or cap)

1st Grade: Show Your Character, Say No to Drugs (wear clothes with your favorite character such as Spongebob, Elsa or Spiderman)

2nd Grade:  Blackout Drugs (wear black clothes)

3rd Grade:  Orange You Glad to be Drug Free (wear orange clothes)

4th Grade:  Drugs Make You Wacky (wear mismatched clothes)

5th Grade:  Don’t Let Drugs Make You Crazy (wear crazy socks, crazy hair or both)

6th Grade:  Team Up Against Drugs (wear favorite team clothing)

Friday concluded with the elementary wearing Scout colors. STAY-U members ended their Red Ribbon Week by selling bracelets that sent proceeds to a Lincoln boy named Dom who had been recently hit by a drunk driver.

“I like being in STAY-U because I like to stay involved in the school, and I like the message to literally ‘stay you’ because people don’t need drugs and alcohol in their lives,” junior Macy G. said.