DCHS football prepares for triumph in upcoming games after loss against Fairbury

The Scouts ready the ball for the final play of the first half. Junior Trent Theewen plays center, defensive end, and long snapper.

Payton McMillin

During the season opener, the David City Scouts faced a 61-10 loss against Fairbury High School on Fri., Aug. 25.

The Jeffs currently hold the number 9 spot in the Class C-1 division.

During the first half of the game, the Jeffs were leading 47-0, but the Scouts started picking up speed during the second half, earning themselves an overall score of 10.

Junior Douglas Alvarado kicked a 26-yard field goal to earn some points for the Scouts. During the Scouts’ next possession, senior Colin Vandenberg fought his way to earn the team their single touchdown.

Junior Justin White averaged five yards per carry against a tough defense. In addition, the Scouts showed potential in running the ball and in wide receiver screens. On the defensive side of the ball, the team lacked in tackling and blocks.

The Scouts gained a new addition to the team this year. Returning Head Coach Courtney Couch stepped on the field yet again. Couch is described as positive, determined, and brings new ideas that improve everyone individually as well as the team overall.

“I have enjoyed it immensely. There is a certain camaraderie intrinsic to football that you don’t see as much in other aspects of life. Our players are all business all the time,” Couch stated.

The Scouts have also thoroughly enjoyed Couch returning to the team.

“I feel like the main thing he has brought is a lot of new energy. A new offense, defense, and perspective on this year,” junior Will Danielson stated.

Couch declared that it would have been very easy for a player to lose composure during the frustrating game, but that was never showcased. He also noted that the team is always dedicated to improving and continue to support each other in and out of the game.

“We need to focus on tackling in the open field, as well as wrapping up and gang tackling. Other than that we just need to perfect everything else we are doing. If we do that we should have a great chance to win on Friday,” Danielson said.

The David City Scouts will receive the opportunity to redeem the field on Fri., Sept 1 against the Douglas County West Falcons.