Falling into sport season

Front Row: (Left to Right) Harley Eickmeyer, Cavan Navrkal, Ethan Zegers, Luis Salazar, Dylan Vodicka, Jacson Valentine, Alex Rachow, Bryce McDowell Middle Row: (Left to Right) Jacob Ingwersen, Douglas Alvarado, Noah Styskal, Melvin Hernandez, Seth Styskal, Wiley Hein, Isiah Howlett, Hunter Betzen, Spencer Allen Back Row: (Left to Right) Riley Kirby, Colby Hopkins, Justin White, Matthew Eilers, Malcolm Maxwell, Trent Theewen, Nick Ruth, Niklas Voightlander, Hunter Behrns, Will Danielson, Clayton Denker, Josh Seibert, Gunner Poulas, Colin Vandenberg, James Escamilla, Seth Jimenez, Ethan Dietrich, Sam Rosno, Wayne Moore

Olivia Couch, Co-Editor

School has started, the temperatures are cooling, and with those things come something we all can appreciate: fall sports. As many know, practices for many of the sports were bumped up to start on Mon., Aug. 7th. Since then, the football, cross country, volleyball, and softball teams have been working hard to prepare for the long season ahead.

The football team has been tackling new feats since day one, and I don’t mean literally. With a new head coach and a handful of new members, the team had to be prepared for some changes.

“It was different at the beginning to get use to all of the new things we would doing, but it is going pretty good and he [head coach Cortney Couch] gets us players pretty well,” senior Colin Vandenberg said.

As of now, the team has 36 total members made up of six seniors, ten juniors, eleven sophomores, and eleven freshmen.

However, the football team isn’t the only one taking on a new coach. Brian Hermelbracht has assumed the role of head coach starting this year.

“He’s got everything down to a science. He knows what he’s doing and when it’s the right time to switch up the workouts. I really like that,” junior member Carter Ossian said.

The high school team, consisting of five male members, took the course for the first time at East Butler on Thurs., Aug. 24. Though their numbers may be small, the team is thinking big. As Ossian said, the team has full intentions to “take State” at the end of the season.

With numbers in the team doubling from the previous year, the volleyball team is also eager to take the court.

“We’ve worked really hard during practices and conditioning week to make sure we are ready for our first game,” senior Chaquoya Givens said.

The team currently consists of six seniors, four juniors, three sophomores, and nine freshman. Despite the range of ages, Head Volleyball Coach Emily Maresh has been encouraging what she calls “jelling” amongst the numbers to create a more unified team.

“I feel that we have a really good team this year. We connect really well, freshmen to seniors. We all strive to make each other better and hold each other accountable, and I think that’s really important,” Givens spoke.

Last but not least, the softball team has recently started their season as their first game resulted in a 12-2 victory on Mon., Aug. 21 against the North Bend Tigers. What makes this team unique is that it’s a conjoined team. The Scout softball team consists of members from David City, East Butler, and Shelby-Rising City.

“I’m super excited to see how well we compete against teams we haven’t done so well against in the past,” senior Debbie White said. “Coach Jhade said we’ve been great on the bats, and we haven’t made an error statistically so far, so I’m extremely ‘hyped’ to see how far we go. This team is different compared to any other team in the past. ”

As we begin to fall back into the often dreaded summer-to-autumn routine, we can once again rely on fall sports as a good way to come together for a common interest. With many home and away competitions this season, be sure to go out and support these teams as they continue to work hard to perform their best.