Review: Summer 2017 not such a bummer summer after all


Courtesy Photo

Madisen Paulson

I remember setting goals all the way back at Christmas to have an amazing summer, get fit, or even travel, yet most of those goals still haven’t happened.

There were actually a lot of interesting moments that happened this summer and some not so wonderful.

Even though summer isn’t that bad, and I don’t hate it, but the worst part of summer is always the heat. Though the temperatures weren’t unbearable this year, it still got quite toasty. The heat seems to give me no motivation to do anything, except jump in the pool after a long day.

Another thing that I don’t like about summer is jobs. Not only did I have to work double the shifts I was already working, I also spent a lot of my time babysitting. Even though I was making a lot more money, I was also losing time to spend with my friends.

Some fashion trends also flew across during the summer, and one that really stood out to me was rompers for men. I think that is the strangest thing ever. That is not fashion; I do not know why they were created or why any man would wear such a thing.

The wild craze over fidget spinners was outrageous. They came out in the earlier part of summer, and they died very quickly. Even though I did get sucked into the phenomenon, it only lasted about four minutes and I got bored.

With all of that said, positives definitely outweigh the negatives when it comes to summer, and the best part about this summer was getting to explore new things and go to more places.

During the summer I spent a lot of time going to movies. I hadn’t seen an actual scary, horror movie in a long time, but I decided to go see Annabelle: Creation, and it left me in awe. The acting in the movie was well portrayed throughout, and the suspense had me on the edge of my seat wanting more. Overall, it was a well put together movie, and I never knew a doll could be so scary. I strongly recommend watching it.

Taking long road trips with friends, shopping, and swimming is what summer is all about, but I also love touring the zoo. I went to the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium two times over the summer, and those times did not disappoint. I love to see all of the new animals, ride the skyfari, and of course, I love seeing the giraffes. There is also a new feature at the zoo called the “Alaskan Adventure.” It consists of a splashground with huge whales, bronze sea lions, puffins, and jumping salmon. In the middle of all of that, there is a giant 18-foot whale as the centerpiece of the splashpad. The area is perfect for little ones or even parents to cool down after walking all day at the zoo.

Unfortunately, the summer of 2017 came to an abrupt halt when August began and the thought of school appeared in our minds again. Those long summer nights are now over, while the homework and studying is back. The summer flew by, and I ultimately think it was another exceptional summer.