David City High School welcomes new faculty members

Hannah Farmer

Joseph Brumm

Joseph Brumm has been teaching for nine years going on ten.  He spent nine of those years teaching in Overton, and this will be his first year teaching music in David City.

“There was this moment during All-State Choir my junior year when nobody sang a single note, and then we started singing and we all hit the same note perfectly,” Brumm said.  “That’s when I realized all the work my teachers had done, and I wanted to do the same and pass on what I know to other students.”

In Brumm’s free time he enjoys watching sports, playing sports, spending time with his family, and traveling to places such as Florida, Kansas City, historical places, and museums.

Sarah Oltjenbruns

Sarah Oltjenbruns has been having a positive impact on people for what will be four years now.  She started her journey at Broken Bow Middle and High School, and is now continuing it here at DCHS as a middle and high school language arts teacher.

“I just really liked English and reading, and I wanted a job to deal with people.  I wanted to have a positive impact on people,” Oltjenbruns said.

Reading, listening to music, playing the piano, cooking, baking, and going on walks with friends is everything Oltjenbruns enjoys doing when she isn’t busy making a positive impact on others.

Tessa Vrbicky

Tessa Vrbicky has always known deep down she wanted to go into education.  She had experience with youth and enjoyed spreading knowledge and positivity to others.  Vrbicky found her love for art, and that inspired her to incorporate it into teaching.

Prior to coming to David City, Vrbicky substituted half a year and was a para-educator for a year and a half at Lincoln Public Schools.  This is Vrbicky’s first official year teaching art.

“I enjoy camping, kayaking, hiking, and traveling.  Basically anything outdoors,”  Vrbicky stated.  She enjoys traveling out of state and even out of the country.  Some of her destinations include Utah, Colorado, and Ireland.

Brandon Sobota

Brandon Sobota knew he wanted to become a teacher when he realized what an impact some of his high school teachers had on him, and he wanted to do the same for other students. Sobota will be spending his first year here at David City Public Schools as a full-time substitute, splitting his time between all three buildings in the district.

“This will actually be my first year of teaching,” Sobota said.  

When Sobota isn’t busy teaching, he enjoys to do anything Nebraska athletic related.