Music students add spice to annual Fall Concert

Freshman Bethany T. practices her trumpet part for band while dressed in her choir robe. Bethany T. was one of two awarded with a Concordia Honor for choir.

Maya P., Co-Editor

When you walk into David City High School before a concert, the contrast from the quiet of the outside hallway and the cacophony of the music rooms is mind boggling. You’re immersed in an environment of excitement and enthusiasm, a sense of camaraderie and understanding rippling between the members.

They get it. These students aren’t just repeating memorized notes off of a sheet of paper and playing a part; they’re creating music as a whole.

And that’s exactly what happened at the Fall Concert on Oct. 28.

“I look at it as a student showcase to show what we’ve been working on,” music instructor Joe Albright said.

The night began with band and choir members crowding into practice rooms an hour before they were to perform. Instruments were tuned, uniforms were adjusted, and songs were rehearsed. Members then filed into the packed gym of friends and family where Albright welcomed the audience and the middle school band led everyone in “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

The middle school band kicked off the concert with “Superflutes!,” “Sax Attack,” and “Let the Trumpets Ring.” Following the instrumental, the middle school choir performed “We Gather Together,” “One Star,” and “I Bought Me A Cat” with Peggy Palomaki as piano accompaniment.

Next, the six middle school choir members stepped down to make way for the high school choir who performed “No Need to Knock!,” “Let Not Your Song End,” and “River in Judea” with Carol Fuxa as piano accompaniment. In “Let Not Your Song End,” members stepped out of their comfort zone by holding three whole notes with a fermata, which leaves the ending of the note up to the conductor. They certainly had the lungs for it. This is the largest choir that Albright has conducted in his four years at DCHS and with the most bass singers.

“The high school choir is larger than normal and fresh with multiple new voices with lots of potential,” Albright said.

Before the band took their turn, music boosters club’s president Marilyn Hascall made announcements over fundraising and band trips.

For their performance, the band threw some curveballs by standing without sheet music as they performed “Don’t Stop Believin’,” then “Welcome to the Black Parade” in which sophomore Kylie H. played the solo on her trumpet. The solo was initially meant as a duet with Megan F., but Megan F. was absent due to illness.

“I was really nervous because I had never played that without Megan,” Kylie H. said. “I missed the jumping part in the last song because I couldn’t believe how well it went.”

To conclude, the high school band played “Last Friday Night” while showing off some of their marching band moves and breaking to chants where the song called for it.

For the seniors, Katy Perry’s hit was the end to their last Fall Concert.

“It’s a little upsetting that this was my last Fall Concert,” senior Emily W. said. “But I plan to major in music education, so there are hundreds more to come.”

For most of the students who performed, practices started at the beginning of the school year. High school band started even earlier in the summer. Since their first viewing of the sheet music to last night’s concert, both bands and choirs have put in countless hours of rehearsal and effort into making the performance all that it could be.

The high school band especially reached a new level of devotion this year with morning practices and traveling to and from marching band competitions. Albright presented two of the trophies at the concert from competitions at the Bennington Marching Festival and the Oxbow Marching Invitational. The DCHS marching band received an excellent rating at all three of their competitions this year.

“This is my first year and tonight felt really good,” freshman Jessica K. said. “I’m proud of my band.”

The DCHS and DCMS bands and choirs will be performing three more times for the school this year. The Holiday Concert is scheduled for Dec. 17, the March Concert for March 10, and the Spring Concert for May 5. In past years, the Spring Concert has been at the Waffleman fundraiser, but Albright said he wants to try for the concert to be held at the park.