Column: Junior year blues

Renee Backstrom

As a freshman and a sophomore all of my older friends always warned me about junior year. They said there was a lot of homework and really hard classes. I didn’t fully understand what that meant until this year, and I really wish I would have listened. There is no possible way to avoid junior year, but hopefully sharing my experience with you will prepare you a little more.

If you are like me, you are involved in everything and know that with it comes stress. The last two years I could handle it, but junior year feels like I got hit by a truck and its name was stress.

At the beginning of the year, I thought it was going to be the best year of my life. That obviously didn’t happen. Not only was it all of the homework, but just the more effort you have to put into classes to fully grasp what you are learning.

Not only are the classes hard, but about midway through the year you get hit with the pressure of trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. You aren’t a senior, but people still keep asking you what you want to do and where you want to go. Honestly, I have ZERO idea, and that is horrifying.

Freshman year is the adjusting year. You are new meat and at the lowest spot on the totem pole. Sophomore year you are a little older and more comfortable. It is probably the easiest year of high school. Then, junior year rolls around. You are finally an upperclassmen and at an all time high. That is, until you take your first chemistry test, and it is all downhill from there.

Procrastination also played a huge role into making junior year bad. Once you are a junior you think that you don’t need to do things because it won’t matter, but trust me it will. Try your hardest and make sure that you do your homework.

Junior year isn’t all bad though. As a junior I had to step up to the plate in sports and a lot of other activities. That means I played a lot of Varsity and even held executive positions on organizations. Just be sure that once junior year comes, you prepare yourself and do not procrastinate.

Just because junior year was bad for me, don’t let me discourage or scare you. High school is a time to try and experience new and fun things. I definitely did try new things, but you could not pay me to take this year over again.