Homecoming week dress-up days help boost school spirit


Junior Sabra M. gives a thumbs up with sophomore Amber B. for Duck Dynasty Day. Amber dressed as Willie Robertson and Sabra, who won second place, was Si Robertson.

Carmen M.

As you walked down the hallways during Homecoming Week, you may have seen Superman swooping around school while his alias Clark Kent sat in class taking notes.  Maybe you noticed people walking around decked out in camouflage and shaggy beards. This may seem odd for regular school days, but that was not the case from Oct. 6 through Oct. 10 as David City High School geared up for the Friday night’s football game.

The goal of Spirit Week is to encourage the students to get excited about their school and football team, which they do by organizing dress up days and pep rallies. The cheerleaders and dancers announced the spirit days with their annual fashion show the week before to prepare students for the following week of competitive costuming.

“I like when people dress up because I think it’s fun to actually participate. I like seeing what everyone else does and how their creativity comes in to play,” senior cheerleader Celine F. said.

The week kicked off with Superhero Day. Students participated by dressing up as popular—and not so popular—superheroes. The Man of Steel, Superman, was a common face encountered that day. Other superheroes included Batman, Captain America, and even Mermaid Man from SpongeBob SquarePants. The winner for the best costume was senior Tayler B. who dressed as the Ninja Turtle Michelangelo.

“I dressed up as Michelangelo because it was easy. It amazed me that I won. I thought it was cool. I won a free personal pan pizza from Stop Inn,” Tayler said. “I think the other costumes were great and unique, too.”

Tuesday followed with a Roaring 20s Day, where girls dressed as flappers and guys dressed in nice suits. The Roaring 20s was also the theme for Friday’s homecoming dance. Students voted for which theme they wanted for the dance. The winners for this theme day were senior Hope R., freshmen Jackson H. and Angel S., and eighth grader Carter O.

“I decided to dress up because I wanted to do something fun and the Roaring 20s seemed simplistic,” senior second place winner Kylie S. said. “It didn’t take as long to get everything ready as much as I thought it would. My hair was probably the hardest part. I felt honored when I won because it felt nice to feel noticed for what I did.”

Wednesday was Duck Dynasty Day. Students adorned pieces of the Robertson family from beards to camouflage to American flag boots. The winner for this day was senior Jake K. for his costume as Phil Robertson.

“When I first watched Duck Dynasty, I loved it. Usually when I see [Phil], he is random and I like his catchphrase—which is ‘yup, everybody happy, happy, happy,’” Jake said. “I was surprised that I won. I saw Sabra’s costume and I thought she would win, but I was happy, happy, happy.”

Thursday was Color Day. Each class was assigned a color to wear that day. Seniors wore black, juniors wore red, sophomores wore blue, freshmen wore orange, middle school wore pink, and teachers wore purple. Wearing his black body suit and flashing black fedora, senior John J. won best costume.

“It was a great opportunity to dress in a bodysuit and scare people. When I won I was pretty stoked, I felt like I was the best,” John said.

Friday was Red and Black Day.  The entire district gathered downtown that afternoon for the school pep rally. At the pep rally the winners for the spirit day were given prizes. These prizes included items such as coupons to local eateries, school t-shirts and free Homecoming tickets.