Scout music department receives high scores at District Music Contest

Junior Bethany Tebbe plays the piano to practice her vocal solo. Tebbe received a two on her solo as well as on a duet she performed with junior Will Heller.

Allie Daro

The Scout music department brought home twos in both the choir and band whole groups at the District Music Contest on Fri., Apr. 21.

The students were rated on tone, harmony, the pieces, pronunciation, and overall effectiveness.

“It’s based on a one to four scale, with one being the best,” sophomore Ebani Filbert explained. “Getting a two is the second best, so we did well.”

A majority of the students in choir attended the competition. The choir performed Songtuse, Deadly Serpents Lurking, and Freedom Train. Filbert added that their pieces included a musical and a gospel.

Some students, such as juniors Will Heller, Bethany Tebbe, Renay Sanley, and sophomore Preston Beringer also performed solos or duets in choir. Beringer received a two, or an excellent rating, on his vocal solo, Tebbe received a two on her vocal solo, Heller and Tebbe received an excellent on their vocal duet, and Sanley received a three on her vocal solo.

The band also competed, with the entire band bringing home a two also. The band pieces that were played included Liberty Bell March, Bach’s Prelude Fugue, and Unraveling.

I am very pleased with how smooth contest was this year,” Band and Choir Director Joe Albright stated. “The music students were focused, performed as well as expected, and represented themselves and DCHS very well.”

Small groups for band included Heller, Tebbe, senior Kylie Hascall, juniors Brooke Bell and Cole Martinez, sophomores Riley Hlavac and Preston Beringer, and freshmen Darin Hall, Kirsten Bell, Madison Soukup, Spencer Allen, and Anthony Scribner.

Heller and Soukup received ones, or superiors, on their clarinet solos. Superior ratings were also given to Allen on his alto sax solo, Kirsten Bell on her flute solo, Brooke Bell and Hascall on their trumpet solos, and Martinez/Tebbe’s brass duet.

Excellent ratings were given to Hall on his trumpet solo and the brass trio of Beringer, Hlavac, and Scribner.

I am proud of our students’ efforts to rehearse in class and practice on their own,” Albright said.

The District Music Contest was the last event of the year for the band and choir.