ACT guru John Baylor gives helpful aid to seniors


Photo by Kasey S.

Seniors Celine F. and Cody N. participate in the John Baylor Test Prep in English class. Throughout the English videos, 22 grammar rules were reviewed followed by a practice test.

Kasey S.

For years high school students have stressed over the pressure of the ACT, but this school year David City High School is implementing help by having the senior English, math and science classes take John Baylor Test Prep during the school day.

The program is a series of informative videos that give students advice, tips and strategies to help get through and use time wisely while taking the ACT. It also provides a review of content learned throughout their high school career.

“By doing the test prep, I’ve been able to review lessons in math that I have totally forgotten about that will come up in the test. Also, he tells you how long each test is and how long you are allowed to spend on each question so you’re not struggling to finish,” senior Davianne C. said.

John Baylor has been used by DCHS for the past three years, but this is the first year that it has been provided during the school day. Guidance Counselor Brenda Siffring said that she hopes that providing the test prep during the school day will increase student’s scores on the ACT.

“The test prep helps me review the things I already know and gives me techniques to use to hopefully increase my score,” senior Emily W. said. “I swear by taking the John Baylor Test Prep. It helped me raise my score by two points and hopefully will help me increase it more.”

Taking the John Baylor Test Prep allows students the opportunity to practice timed sections of the test. The John Baylor program gives students additional practice tests that they can complete on their own time for extra preparation.

“The students would sometimes complain that it was boring, but I would also hear them talking about something they learned, and I know the test prep had positive effects on them,” high school math teacher Jennifer Hein said. “ I feel like all of the students benefit from the test prep. Even if the test only boosted the confidence of the students taking the test, then it was a success.”