David City FCA celebrates 10 years of sharing faith


Photo by Jonah S.

Students, parents, and community members come together at David City Memorial Field to share and discuss their faith. A few students of the local FCA group shared scripture readings and gave personal testimonies.

Jonah S.

On Oct. 1, Pastor Jeff Randell of Grace Life Church in Hastings visited David City to speak and celebrate 10 years of Fields of Faith in David City. Randell has been speaking for 15 years to students of all ages on the topics of dating and relationships, ethics, and discipleship.

Fields of Faith is a student led event. Students invite, pray for, share with, and challenge their peers to lead a faith-based life. An athletic field provides a neutral rally point where a community can come together. Hosted by Fellowship of Christian Athletes groups, students, staff, and community members come together in communities to discuss temptations and spiritual battles facing youth in today’s society.

Along with a few personal testimonies and scripture readings from students, Randell spoke about his personal testimony, the Bible, and how it affects everyone’s life.

As a young student at Stromsburg High School, Randell said he never had a strong faith, but he had everything he needed. He was a stellar athlete as the star running back for his high school football team and a top student who went on to attend Creighton, but he was missing something in his life. Now Randell lives in Hastings and he and his wife have a ministry called “Hidden View Ministries.”  While in David City, Randell shared his personal story along with many other lessons to help students in high school stay focused and connected to their faith.

Junior Ruth B. has attended many Fields of Faith due to her parents being sponsors for the organization. This year, she came away with this message: “You should always go to [God] first and ask, ‘What should I do?’ He may not tell you right away, but He has heard you and He will tell you.”

Fields of Faith was started in 2002 in Oklahoma. FCA Area Director Jeff Martin prayed for students to come together and express their faith. In 2004, his dream came true when more than 6,000 students gathered on school athletic fields throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas for Fields of Faith. Through the student led events, more than 100 students made faith-based decisions in their lives. Since that day, hundreds of thousands of people have attended Fields of Faith.

David City FCA has been organizing Fields of Faith for a decade now. They have had multiple speakers come and share the word, along with many present and past students reading scripture and giving personal testimonies. FCA promotes the event each year by putting fliers in teachers mailboxes and around the school. They hope to invite new people each year and for the event to continue growing.