Believing is the key to winning


Hannah Farmer

Junior Silvia Hernandez shoots 20 three pointers before her basketball games. Hernandez played girl’s varsity basketball this year.

Hannah Farmer

Do you have that one special thing you believe in?  Something that helps you get through game days or meets and tournaments?  Believing in something with little to no knowledge or reason being is a superstition.  Many people believe in some kind of superstition because it allows for the person to feel more in control.  Well, for many students at David City High School, having a superstition gives them the best of luck.

All year, students are constantly busy with some kind of activity, whether it be a sport or Speech.  The focus is usually on the final scores and whether we win or not, but what about behind the scenes?  What do students do to help them gain “luck” to win games and Speech meets?

“I always wear my necklace because I feel like it is good luck,”  senior Damian Hansen said.

For better performance, freshman Josh Seibert eats a snicker before JV/Varsity basketball games and another one at halftime.

“I have to be the first one out on the court,” junior Silvia Hernandez said.  “I at least have to make 20 three pointers before a game.”  

Hernandez also stated that she needs to listen to “pump up” jams before she plays a game, and she always does a personal hand shake with all her teammates.  

Sophomore Will Danielson and the golfers have to have the same number of golf balls for each meet.  “If they don’t get those ones [preferred number], something feels off,”  Danielson said.  

The DCHS Speech team altogether believes that they can’t say anything bad about another team or the karma will be out to get them.  

“The speech god’s giveth, and the speech gods taketh away,” sophomore Laurel Ockander explained.  “Meaning that we can’t say things, or we won’t do well.”

While some people believe extra practice and hard work improves performance, others believe that overthinking beforehand can ruin the performance.

“Don’t give your speech more than once before you perform or else you may use up all your good luck and overthink,” junior Bethany Tebbe advises.  “Go through it once to get out all of your nerves, and then stay confident in your speaking skills.”

From basketball to golf to Speech, someone always has some kind of superstition.  Some do not believe in superstitions, but whatever helps you do your best and score the winning points, keep doing what you’re doing.