Stay-U hosts fun night: Students express themselves

Students got in a circle and had to follow instructions so they didn’t tumble like a bunch of dominos. Stay-U Sponsor Amy Sander was excited to see the students get it successfully on the second try.

Cassie Navrkal

Stay-U organized a fun night at David City High School for all middle school students to attend on Fri., March 31.

Stay-U Sponsor Amy Sander organized high school students from the group to help set up tables and music speakers for the night. They split the students into small groups with two leaders for each.

“The purpose for the night was to give the students the opportunity to have an activity to have an evening of fun, friendship, and being themselves,” Sander said.

The night began with the groups doing the human knot to learn how to communicate and to lead. Students also learned how to do the human chair and participated in a scavenger hunt around the school. After the scavenger hunt, the students ate pizza and danced.

“My favorite part was the scavenger hunt because it got us moving around and got us more active than the other activities,” eighth grader Jordan Kracl stated.

Kracl and seventh grader Lili Eickmeier enjoyed the activities that were planned but said they would rather do more games than have as much time as they did to dance.

“I would have liked if the night started earlier so we got done earlier and that we didn’t have to dance as long,” Eickmeier said.

Many students said they enjoyed the night, and they hope it will happen again next year. Sander hopes to keep the fun night going for the middle school and that more students learn that they can help by being involved in Stay-U.