Review: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast great family movie for all ages

Review: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast great family movie for all ages

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Olivia Couch, Co-Editor

After almost a year full of various teasers, exclusives, and trailers, Disney’s latest movie Beauty and the Beast has finally made its debut. On Sat., March 18, just a day after it was first released to theaters, I decided to take a look for myself.

The Box Office record breaking sales of $170 million on opening weekend, and reaching almost $700 million worldwide just a week after release, should tell you enough about the well-distributed promotion. I can personally tell you that the lines were backed up even in Columbus, Nebraska at 3 in the afternoon. For those of you who have seen the previous Disney version, I can say that the opening sequence does not disappoint. Throughout the film I, a music enthusiast, was pleasantly surprised by the familiar melodies continued from the original movie.

According to, a site which publishes movie information, the production budget for the movie was around $160 million. With all of the grand animation and very detailed and eye-catching settings, I would say every penny was put to good use.

The casting was another amazing attribute to the movie. Big names like Emma Watson (Belle), most commonly known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, Ian McKellen (Cogsworth), Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts), and even some who have earned a Disney spot before like Josh Gad (LeFou), known previously as Olaf in Disney’s Frozen, landed very fitting roles in the film. Each character was portrayed in such a manner that it helped bring a movie about a beast and talking furniture to a life-like display. That brings me to my next point of animation.

I simply can’t fathom how talented the animation staff is at Disney. Most of the movie was revolving around computer generated imaging (CGI) and animation, yet each detail was intricate and planned out to be realistic. They did a phenomenal job at putting the real and the imaginary together without seeming counterfeit. writes “…this past weekend marked a watermark moment for Sean Bailey and his Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, and forgive them if they are puffing out their chests this week, days after Beauty and the Beast way surpassed projections and set records that put the film on a course to potentially crack the hallowed $1 billion mark.” They also go on to state that out of the 28 films that have reached the billion mark, Disney holds the spots of 13 of them.

You may also be wondering how closely the plot follows the original movie. Of course, the major points are the same, but you should also go into the theater expecting a bit more background information that really ties everything together. The Disney crew has really outdone themselves in terms of appealing to emotion. Throughout the movie, I experienced multiple takes of humor, sadness, joy, and love that really sucked me in. I really have no complaints about the overall production, as I left the theater thoroughly satisfied. This just goes to show that a tale as old as time was certainly worth being retold.