Students explore University of Nebraska-Kearney


Courtesy Photo

UNK students study in the Calvin T. Ryan Library. Juniors were given a tour of the library.

David City High School juniors toured the University of Nebraska-Kearney campus on Wed., March 15th.

The visit started out with a talk from the admissions about the requirements and the general  activities walkthrough. Students were then split into groups to go on a tour of the campus. On the tour the tour guides explained the library services, tutor services, and paper revising services. Students then toured the workout area and the climbing wall that they could have access to if they became a student at UNK.

“Seeing the kids being excited to explore and see the new campus and get to know the campus is the best part,” Guidance Counselor Brenda Siffring stated.  

Going on college visits allows students to find a campus that feels at home and fits them. Students experience different things while being on different campuses.  Some of the visits allowed students to talk to professors in the major that interests them. Junior Melvin Hernandez had the opportunity to speak with the UNK wrestling coach while the students were eating lunch.

“Having the wrestling coach come talk to me about the program and the school gave me a nice feeling of being welcomed there, which I liked,” Hernandez said.

The visit seemed to be a welcoming experience to Junior Debbie White and Hernandez. The students both enjoyed the tour guides and how friendly the people were on campus. The school gave Hernandez the feeling of the best of both worlds as the school was big and had small classes to choose from.

“Before I visited UNK, I didn’t think much of the school based on what my college friends told me, but I can honestly see myself taking UNK into consideration,” White stated.

Students will be given the opportunity to visit the University of Nebraska-Omaha on Thurs., Apr. 27.