New cheer and dance teams look forward to upcoming year

Freshman Daphne Vizcarro-Navarro (left) and sophomore Evelyn Carreto (right) get one more practice in before tryouts. They both made it on the upcoming cheer team.

Bryanna Farmer

On Thurs., March 16, 23 students tried out for the DCHS cheer and/or dance teams after a long week of practicing, memorizing, and perfecting routines.

The first step to becoming a member of the DCHS Cheer and/or Dance team was to attend the informational meeting that was held on March 6. At the informational meeting, DCHS students from grades eighth through eleventh discussed prices, responsibilities, time, and effort with Cheer Coach Tiffany Heins, Dance Coach Lyshelle Mayo, and Cheer/Dance Assistant Coach Meagan Lasiter.

In addition, the students trying out were given four evaluation sheets to give to their core class teachers which include math, science, English, and social studies. The teachers were required to evaluate each individual on their attendance/punctuality, respect of authority, respect of peers, effort/quality of work, dependability, and attitude.

After the meeting, a cheer and dance clinic was held on March 9 to teach all participants the various routines needed for tryouts. Seniors Allie Ingwersen, Kennedy Hecker, Brandy Barlean, Kaylyn Dubbs, and Kasey Stallbaum helped teach the different routines.

Cheer tryout participants were taught a pom routine and the fight song, while the dance tryout participants were taught a pom routine and a mixed routine choreographed by Stallbaum. At the clinic, participants were scored by their effort, attitude, willingness, how helpful they were, and their eagerness to learn.

On March 16, a total of 14 girls tried out for the cheer team and a total of 9 girls tried out for the dance team. Cheer participants were scored on their pom routine, fight song, and kicks. Dance participants were scored on their pom routine, mixed routine, and kicks.

“It will be a total rebuilding year,” Cheer Coach Heins said. “I am really looking forward to those who have never tried out or have returned from last year’s tryouts and are stepping up their game.”

Returning members junior Renee Backstrom and freshmen Maddy Hoeft and Brittney Palik made the cheer team along with first year sophomores Allie Daro, Josie Cudaback, Evelyn Carreto, and freshman Daphne Vizcarra-Navarro.

“For anyone that wants to try out next year, remember to work your hardest and be determined to keep trying your best,” Vizcarra-Navarro said. “Keep in mind to practice how you would perform and remember to have fun and smile!”

Returning members juniors Lauren Hoeft and Backstrom, and sophomores Macy Svobada, Kali Egr, and Daro made the dance team along with first year junior Ciera Poulas, sophomore Olivia Bell, and freshman Maddy Hoeft.

“I’m looking forward to being able to begin something again that I used to love and enjoy a lot,” Bell said. “I also love every girl on the team, so I’m very excited about that!”

The new cheer and dance teams will begin practicing for the upcoming year during the summer.