Quiz Bowl makes top eight at SNC tournament


Allie Daro

The David City A team discusses a bonus question. They were allowed to discuss as a team during bonus questions, but could only answer on their own during toss-up questions.

Allie Daro

Two David City High School Quiz Bowl teams attended Conference Quiz Bowl at Clay Center on Mon., March 6.

Quiz Bowl Coach Lisa Bales took seniors Evan Forney, Kylie Hascall, Matthew Dietrich, and Josh Sturgeon, and sophomores Will Danielson, Allie Daro, Ashley Roemmich, and Sidney Soukup to the competition. Forney, Hascall, Dietrich, and Danielson made up David City A, while David City B consisted of Sturgeon, Daro, Roemmich, and Soukup.

The bracket was double-elimination and included nineteen teams. David City A made it into the top eight teams, but David City B lost their first two matches in the tournament.

In the first round, David City B lost “a close match” to Sandy Creek A, according to Bales. David City A shutout Wilber-Clatonia B in the same round.

“The David City B team lost their first two matches,” Bales said. “They were eliminated in their second match by a heart breaking, sudden death defeat by Sandy Creek.”

David City B lost to Sandy Creek B in the second round with a bonus question at the buzzer. Bonus questions were worth ten points and could be discussed as a team as long as the captain gave the answer. Toss-up questions were worth five points and only the individual who buzzed in could answer.

Centennial A gave David City A their first loss of the tournament, sending them into the loser’s bracket to work their way back to the championship.

David City A went on to defeat Superior 80-15, knocking them out of the tournament. In their next match, David City A fell to Fillmore Central A. Their final match put David City A within the top eight teams in the tournament.

At previous competitions, teams with a different variety of the quiz bowl members have also competed. In addition to the SNC tournament, the teams have attended the Grace University contest, the Bellevue University contest, and took part in the KTCH Radio Quiz Bowl competition.

Quiz Bowl members prepare for competitions by answering questions online and taking part in occasional practices. The team is currently preparing for their final competition of the year: the David City Quiz Bowl Invite on Sat., March 25.

“I am looking forward to hosting our contest next week,” Bales stated. “We often compete against much larger schools so we designed this contest to be for class C and D schools only. We were excited at the response we got with over 20 teams competing! We welcome any curious fans to come see what quiz bowl is all about. Pool play begins at 8:30 with a single elimination tournament in the afternoon.”