Secretaries: Key to school survival

Secretary Betty Betzen sits at her desk doing paperwork. Betzen is in charge of most of the bookkeeping and paying school bills.

Madisen Paulson

Being a teacher in a high school means remembering students names, taking lunch count, and planning lessons. Hidden behind the office doors and windows are two dedicated women who learn everyone’s names, send daily emails, answer phone calls each day, and even keep track of the bills making sure they are getting paid on time.

Pam Schmid has been a secretary here at David City High School for more than 27 years.

“Getting this job was kind of a fluke in the beginning,” Schmid said. “I had just got married and received my degree from UNL. I moved to David City, and the job was open.”

Betty Betzen has been a secretary in the high school for 25 years.

“I remember interviewing for the job,” Betzen said. “I was healing from a broken ankle, and I was in a cast.”

As a secretary in the high school they have to be up for the job, having good people and communication skills come in handy with a job like this.

“There’s never a dull moment, no day is the same, and everyday is a challenge,” Schmid said. “We love the kids and helping them out while also watching the students grow into professional people.”

The secretaries here at David City have both been here for more than 25 years. Sitting in the office all day would most likely get boring for some, but Schmid and Betzen have quite the stories to tell.

“One day back when Mr. Lentz was the principal, he took three or four busses filled with students over to Columbus for a special assembly,” Schmid said. “He didn’t know that he had gotten the days mixed up, and they arrived in Columbus to find out he got the days mixed up.”

Even though there were some interesting stories, there were also a few shocking ones that I have never heard. There was a bomb threat years ago and another student also set the boys locker room on fire.

A job you like is one thing, but a job you love is another. Not only do both of the secretaries here in the high school love their jobs, but they also consider the people they work with family, from the principals to the students.

“When I first started here, I didn’t think it was super hard. I knew Pam through phone calls, and we made an instant friendship when I first started,” Betzen said. “The people I work with make me feel like family. It has been a joyous experience from the beginning.”