Leadership group provides new skills for students


Cassie Navrkal

Bellwood teacher Matt Bates explains to the group about bouncing back from adversity. Leadership meetings are twice a month at 7 a.m. in the DCHS shop.

Cassie Navrkal

Leadership is a strong skill that David City High School likes to focus on. Last year students got the opportunity to be apart of this group to learn new skills about becoming leaders.

David City Public School teachers Kenny Eickmeier and Matt Bates have been working with students to build leadership skills and to apply them in everyday activities for the past two years. The leadership group is open to anyone grades seven through twelve. Bates and Eickmeier would like to see more students attend the morning meetings to better themselves for academics, athletics, and college.

“It gives students the tools to be leaders in the classroom, sports, and in their own lives. This also gets them ready for college and ways to succeed in life,” Bates stated.

The meeting begins with attendees viewing a motivational video. Bates and Eickmeier then go into depth on the topics. Students get time to discuss situations that may relate to the topic, and then they discuss as a whole about ways they can use the skills to make it through hard situations.

“The group teaches me to try your best in anything you do and never give up. It applies to academics, sports, future dreams, and even future careers,” senior Becca Meusch said.

The students who attend the meetings learn skills they can apply in the classroom and in practices. The potential the attending students have can help them make a change if they begin to apply what they learn. Sophomore Justin White noticed leadership is definitely something the school needs.

“ I want to be a better leader, and I want my teams to be able to do better with having good leadership,” White said.

The next leadership meeting will be Wed., Mar. 15  at 7 a.m. All students are welcome to attend.