FCCLA State Officer experiences new perspective at peer education conference

Courtesy Photo
Junior Cole Martinez (left) is pictured with FCCLA State Officer Tracy Wamsley (right). FCCLA state officers are only allowed to serve one term.

Hannah Farmer

David City FCCLA President Cole Martinez and Adviser Tonya Zegers attended the Nebraska FCCLA State Peer Education Conference on Mon., Feb. 27 in Kearney.  

The FCCLA Peer Education Conference is held to promote the FCCLA Peer Education Programs to members statewide.  Members involved with the peer programs are part of SPOT, which stands for State Peer Officer Team.  SPOT helps organize and educate members about national programs.

Members from all chapters were invited to attend the conference.  However, members who are running for SPOT candidacy were required to come.  Usually, most local organizations do not attend the Peer Education Conference unless they have members running for state office.  However, because he is a state officer, Martinez is part of the selection process for the new state officers.  

At the FCCLA Peer Education Conference, members got an overview of information that will help them develop national program projects for the upcoming year.  They were also given information that can help members apply for scholarships and awards available to them.  

“The biggest thing [about the FCCLA Peer Ed. Conference] is that they announce the SPOT candidates for the upcoming year,” Zegers said.

This year Martinez experienced the “other side” of the Nebraska FCCLA State Peer Education Conference, since he is a state officer.  He had the opportunity to help with the election process of the next year’s state officer team, and he assisted in the pre-conference.  While helping select the future state officer team, Martinez learned a lot about behavioral interviewing.

The pre-conference occurred on the day before the actual conference.  Nebraska FCCLA state officers, such as Martinez himself, helped organize activities for members who had to travel and stay overnight for the conference.  During the pre-conference, they divided members into teams based on their chapters to compete in four different activities related to FCCLA trivia.  These activities included a human version of Hungry Hungry Hippo called “Hungry Hungry FCCLA Member”, a knowledge-based cup stacking game, and a trivia-based balloon popping game.  The winning team was West Point-Beemer, and they were given the opportunity to donate half of the registration fees to a charity of their choice.

“Even though I wasn’t competing, it was fun to help organize the games and see just how much the members of Nebraska FCCLA know about the organization,”  Martinez said. “Overall it was a great experience and an even greater moment of realization that the Nebraska FCCLA State Leadership Conference is right around the corner!”