February 2017 Students of the Month

Scoop Staff

Seventh grade: Jaley Shultz is the daughter of Jenny and James Shultz of David City. She has a younger sister, Jenacy. Jaley is involved in FCCLA, Desiree’s Dancers, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. She spends a lot of her time outdoors, even with her busy schedule.

“The qualities that make me feel like a good person are that I am nice, caring, and like to help others,” Jaley stated.

Jaley thinks she was chosen as Student of the Month because she’s always helpful and nice. She always takes the chance to help people, and it makes her confident to be able to succeed when she can.

“I feel like I’m a leader because I don’t give up and don’t let others give up, and I show them the positive way to do things,” Jaley said.

  • What’s your favorite gift to give or receive on Valentine’s Day? I like to give happiness to people and to give and receive roses.
  • What is your favorite kind of chocolate? Hershey’s

Eighth grade: Alex Rachow is the son of Kymberli and Nathan Blomember of David City. He is involved in basketball, wrestling, track, and football.  In his free time, Alex likes to hunt, fish, and hang out with friends.

When Alex received the news of being chosen for Student of the Month, he was shocked to discover how he was selected two years in a row. He reviews himself as a leader by being able to easily take the lead in any situation. Alex also considers himself a good person because he has great work ethic and is respectful to peers and adults.

  • What’s your favorite gift to give or receive on Valentine’s Day? box of chocolates
  • What is your favorite kind of chocolate? Milk chocolate

Freshman: Madison Masek is the daughter of Stacey and Royal Bykerk of Brainard, and is a sibling to Mindy, Katie, Allison, and Leia. She is involved in softball and Stay-U. During her free time, Madison likes to spend time at her friend’s house.

When Madison found out that she was chosen to be Student of the Month she was really surprised. She believes she was chosen because she is always helping people when they are in need and being nice to everyone.

“In school I’m a leader because usually whenever someone needs help I help them or teach them how to do it, and outside of school I am a leader because like I help around the house.”

  • What’s your favorite gift to give or receive on Valentine’s Day? Probably chocolates or one of those really big teddy bears
  • What is your favorite kind of chocolate? All chocolate, but my favorite is probably Hershey’s.  

Sophomore: Macy Svoboda is the daughter of Barb and Randy Svoboda of David City. In her family, she is the second oldest of four. She has one older sister, Bailey, and two younger siblings, Reese and Rylan.

Macy often keeps busy and is actively involved in volleyball, basketball, track, SCOOP, Quiz Bowl, Stay-U, FCA, Speech, and Platinum Dance. Any free time she has is spent with her friends and family.

Macy feels she was selected as Student of the Month because she strives to give all her attention and effort in whatever she’s doing while also being willing to help others.

  • What’s your favorite gift to give or receive on Valentine’s Day? My echo dot that I received this year.
  • What is your favorite kind of chocolate? I eat a lot of chocolate, but probably Buncha Crunch.

Junior: Olivia Couch is the daughter of Cortney and Heather Couch of David City. She is the oldest of her two sisters, Maya and Avery Couch. Olivia is involved in many activities like volleyball, basketball, track, FCA, Student Council, NHS, Quiz Bowl, SCOOP, Stay-U, and is part of the make-up crew for One-Act. She spends most of her free time at home and with her friends.

Olivia tries to help other students by giving them a different way of understanding, which she feels is a quality that makes her a good person. She also feels she is a leader by asking questions whenever she has them because others probably have similar questions. Olivia also goes over work with other students and has a discussion with them about the answers. She thinks she was considered Student of the Month because she gets her work done, stays on top of things, does her best work, and helps others.

  • What’s your favorite gift to give or receive on Valentine’s Day? Any food or candy.
  • What is your favorite kind of chocolate? Lindor.

Senior: Evan Forney is the son of Shawn Forney and Janine Dvorak of Bellwood. He has one older brother, Christian, two older sisters, Celine and Maria, and a younger sister, Jaelyn.  Activities Evan is involved in include Speech, One-Act, Student Council, Quiz Bowl, NHS (president), STAY-U (co-president), and is on the school board as a student representative. In his free time, Evan is usually at speech practice, with his friends, or watching Netflix and gaming at home.

When Evan found out he was selected as the senior Student of the Month, he said he was pleased. Reasons he thinks he was chosen are because of his general attitude and cooperation with others.

“I think I was considered as Student of the Month because of my grades and my involvement in extracurricular activities,” Evan said. “I feel like I show leadership by being a good example for others and doing my best.”

  • What’s your favorite gift to give or receive on Valentine’s Day? I love getting/giving the Valentine’s Day cookies that our school usually makes.
  • What is your favorite kind of chocolate? My favorite kind of chocolate in Lindor. They make awesome truffles.