All good things come in threes


Courtesy Photo

(Left to Right) Tayden Dake, Tierani Lennyn, and Tyce Sanderson Thiem. When they were born, Tayden weighed 6.0 lbs and was 19”,Tierani was 5 lbs 4 ounces and 18.5”, and Tyce weighed 4 lbs 15 ounces and measured 18”.

Olivia Couch, Co-Editor

On Jan. 11, 2017, Tahner and Traci Thiem of David City became parents not once, not twice, but three times over. Just before noon at the Methodist Women’s Hospital, Traci underwent a caesarean section to give birth to healthy triplets: Tayden, Tyce, and Tierani Thiem.

Traci had been in the hospital being closely monitored since Thanksgiving. She was strictly put on bedrest and stayed at the hospital up until the day she gave birth. After spending such a significant amount of time in the hospital, Traci even admits to missing the staff there.

“Honestly, I look back and wonder how I stayed sane for seven weeks being there, but all I can say is God helped me get through it. There is no other way I could have done it,” Traci said. “I also have to say that my nurses were amazing! They ended up being good friends of mine throughout my stay. One of my night nurses even did my nails the night before my c-section.”

When having triplets, it’s very rare for them to go the full 36 weeks. Tahner admits that some days it was tough going back and forth from practice to the hospital. However, he stated, “At the end of the day, when you have three healthy kids that didn’t need any NICU time, it’s worth it.”

Planning for the triplets was a whole new concept that took some serious preparation. Being not only a teacher, but also a head wrestling coach, triplets made Tahner question what he could handle and what was best for his family.

“Early on, the numbers showed that it was twins. But then she [Traci] went to the next appointment, and they found triplets. When she told me, I thought she was messing with me. My first reaction was ‘No way. She’s lying.’ After getting over the shock, I went into this overwhelmed period for about two weeks,” Tahner said.

It was then he sought out the advice of another wrestling coach from Scribner-Snyder, Justin McDuffee, who also had triplets the previous October. McDuffee explained that although some private time may be given up, being a father, husband, and coach was very doable.

The Thiems also received support from many other unsuspecting places. Tahner explained that lots of people in the community reached out to them, letting them know they were there if they needed any help. However, one of the biggest forms of assistance came from Atlanta, Georgia. Tahner’s sister, McKehna Thiem, decided to make the move back to Nebraska this last summer to help out her older brother and sister-in-law during their transition.

“McKehna moved back here in the middle of October and moved into our guest bedroom. We were able to finish the basement for her as she has her own area down there to make her feel at home,” Traci explains. “She has been great help as her and I take care of the babies during the day with Tahner at school. She has also helped with night feedings to help him get through wrestling season and get some sleep.”

The couple admits they are enjoying every minute. Through the feeding schedule, growing pile of laundry, and three times as many diapers, the Thiems are happy with what Traci calls ‘their miracle.’ She further shares they have pretty good babies, saying they feed well and usually only cry one at a time. With the Thiem name spreading throughout the David City community and beyond, there’s no doubt the triplets will have lots of support behind them.

“This situation has made me very thankful for many things, especially the coaching staff that I have here at David City. They took on about a week and a half of tournaments and practices where I couldn’t communicate with them, and I don’t feel we missed a beat,” Tahner said.

Traci, too, spoke out on her thanks. “I want to say thank you to the community of David City. We have been so thankful for the support from everyone! I truly believe we ended up with three very healthy babies because of the amount of people who had been praying for them and us. God has definitely shown his work through them. Tahner and I are just lucky to be apart of such an amazing story and miracle!”