Art inspires senior to pursue a colorful future

Senior Iris Prochaska concentrates on an art project. She has used pieces of her artwork to apply to the Creative Center and for scholarships.

Allie Daro

Preparing for college is a big part of being a senior in high school. Here at David City High School, continuing education is promoted with a class specifically for seniors to fill out applications, a board that shows where each senior has applied, and a poster that has pictures of students holding the pennants of the places they’ll soon be studying at. On this poster, many people take pictures with banners advocating UNL, UNK, Southeast, Wayne State, and other colleges that are popular among students from our school. Senior Iris Prochaska, however, has decided to go against the norm and will be attending a unique college: The Creative Center.

“I want to gain that creative, professional experience. No other college compares to what the Creative Center has to offer me,” Prochaska stated. “The Creative Center provides me with many opportunities to learn, apply my learned skills, and ready me for a working environment.”

The Creative Center is a college in Omaha that is fairly uncommon for students graduating from our school. Although we’ve had some alumni attend the Creative Center, including Michael Matulka, a ‘99 graduate who now owns his own graphic design studio and is an adjunct instructor at his alma mater, Prochaska is the only one out of the Class of 2017 planning to attend there.

Other things that make the Creative Center dissimilar to other colleges is that it has only one building on its campus and doesn’t have any dormitories. The college’s website promotes itself with “graphic designers teaching future graphic designers.” Prochaska said the Creative Center is perfect for her to further her knowledge of graphic design.

“After visiting the Creative Center my decision was set in stone,” Prochaska added. “I want the chance to work with creative professionals and the latest in computer graphics. I want to gain that creative, professional experience.”

Prochaska credits her love for graphic design to art class. Her interest in design in art led to her taking a graphic design class where she enjoyed being able to create things on her computer by using Photoshop and other applications. She said that’s when she knew she wanted to be a graphic designer. After looking into graphic design, Prochaska also fell in love with how much freedom she could have in pursuing her career.

“No two jobs in graphic design are the same. I could work in my house or with an agency, and there’s no end to the type of industry I could be apart of,” Prochaska continued. “As a designer I’ll constantly be developing. In graphic design I feel like I won’t be stuck; it’s always changing in great ways.”

As for plans after college, Prochaska looks forward to creating exquisite pieces, challenging herself everyday, and building communication skills in her career field. She also wants to experience a wide variety of possibilities that she feels graphic design will open her up to. As Prochaska moves forward in her education by choosing a college fit for her, many people will be sending her along with encouragement, including DCHS Guidance Counselor Brenda Siffring.

“I think that she has chosen a career field that she’s matched very well to, so I’m sure she’ll do well,” Siffring stated.