Middle school competition: Students gain new skills

Seventh grader Jack McKay concentrates on not dropping the ball to hand off to the next person in line. The next HOUSE competition is Fri., Feb. 24.

Cassie Navrkal

At David City Middle School, students learn how to be a leader, how to communicate, how to work as a team, and how to help the community. The HOUSE program was created to teach the students all of those essential skills.

Students are split up by four HOUSE colors. Each team has two teachers as leaders, and the teams are in the classroom with one or the other leader. The students have meetings and competitions throughout the year to learn how to work together. The meetings and competitions happen monthly, and at the end of the year they go on a trip to see new workforce experiences.

“It used to be they would go on a visit to UNL, and then they go to do something fun,” Assistant Principal Chad Fuller said.

This year the seventh graders will be going to the Innovation Lab at UNL, while the eighth graders will be going to Duncan Aviation. It’s a new way to get the kids involved rather than doing the same thing over and over.

The competitions are another fun thing the middle school students get to do. The four HOUSES compete as teams in various activities.

“Through HOUSE we develop close friendships and develop teamwork,” seventh grader Ethan Underwood stated.

Underwood enjoyed the trivia game they did this year along with basketball. He also looks forward to going on the trip to gain new and exciting experiences.

With these competitions and meetings, students tend to learn different things in different ways. Eighth grader Madison Farmer agreed because she learns how to problem solve and how to cooperate with others.

“These are all great skills our school gets to teach the younger students. They get to grow with a sense of knowing different skills that can help them later in life,” Fuller said.